Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by AC, Apr 25, 2021.

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    Why did CNN and MSNBC both lie.
    They reported that OAN had special access inside the Colosseum and were the only ones with cameras inside
    What ignorant doofuses trying to fan flames
    The camera footage OAN was showing came from the 9 cameras the audit team has set up for transparency and that anyone can access. MSM sucks
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    MSM are traitors!
    Guys, the US is like Germany in 1933-1935. This is THE worst danger this country has been in since WWII. The outcome of these forensic audits could save us. May start a civil war too. I'll take it. We need change, we can't take this until 2024! We do NOT have that much time. I know not everyone agrees, but the majority is beginning to see the "light".
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    These are small businesses being tasked with a highly political highly visible task that takes election process knowledge, vast technical skills and a high level of PR acumen.

    Which companies have knowledge of voting machines? None of the 4 boast of any focus on elections anywhere on their LinkedIn pages, content they own, or on their public web pages. Clearly, this is not a core competency but rather something they are dipping their toe in.

    Wait, nobody has experience auditing (security or vote counting) elections? Are you sure about that?

    I mentioned Accenture/Deloitte as examples of big firms that have extensive experience auditing as well as bring extensive teams in technology. After all, this is purported to be an audit thus getting a team with audit experience should be a prerequisite. When I was with Accenture they had 350,000 consultants worldwide spanning near anything needed. They also carry the reputation (and risk of their own reputation) to be accurate. You could throw several other consulting (KPMG, PWC, etc) companies into the mix that would have the scale to do the work the AZ State Republicans have asked of the Sasquatch hunters.

    Not respond to a bid? Those consulting companies will complete any work you want for the right price. They aren't cheap but if you want accuracy and the reputation to stand behind their analysis they are worth it. It's why these companies make lots of money auditing any number of elections (e.g. Investor related), financial statements, and other items like lotteries. Their reputation drives their future business (e.g. Arthur Andersen was dissolved following the Enron scandal).

    This is why everyone should rightly question the motives. Is accuracy the intention or rather is this discovery to attempt to validate a theory? Each of these small businesses could be gone tomorrow, they have no reputation at stake other than their reputation as a hired gun for the right-wing establishment could be burnished, although it doesn't appear to have been successful for that Texas firm which Powell paraded in their GA/MI lawsuits.

    Based on local media, the owner of Cyber Ninjas, the company with 2-10 employees, has claimed his company is leading the counting. His company also intends to do "fiber analysis" of the ballots and will be visiting actual voters (sampling) to knock on their doors complete some level of confirmation. All are acceptable tasks for any forensic analysis and I'd have no problem if a qualified company carried out those tasks.

    You're fooling yourself if you think this company is qualified to do any of that. You can extend that to the other 3 companies too based on their public company profiles. To argue otherwise is simply ignoring all available facts.

    I've posted the AZ Senate Republican tweets. I've supported my argument with these companies LinkedIn profiles. I've posted links to the Maricopa Election Board demonstrating they are 80% Republican and have been since at least 2019. All of that is backing up my argument far beyond what the media covers so this incessant claim of "parroting...the media" is 100% projection by you. As usual, you have yet to support any of your claims with actual evidence yet in this thread you've stated you "have more knowledge on this subject".

    Please demonstrate you are the chess player and not the pigeon in this meme.
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  4. AC

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    You’ll only agree with a leftist conclusion from the audit. You’ll never agree with a conservative answer once this is over, even if the fraud IS proven! All leftists are like this. Facts will be ignored. Call us what you will. We just want our country back! Leftist coup stole our country, and we’re taking it back! Facts will come out. They will stand on there own.
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    That Texas company never got their hands on physical ballots like these 4 companies have. That's the difference.
    Nobody has any experience at doing anything at this massive of a scale, especially when it comes to physical ballots. Most of the companies don't have the knowledge or the equipment to do what needs to be done here. Let me explain.

    1) Do these companies that you mentioned have the ability to get into the nuts and bolts of the machines? Very few do. Not sure those companies you mentioned can do it. They might.

    2) Do these companies you mentioned have the equipment to detect kinematic artifacts on the ballots and know how to use them? Besides these 4 companies and Jovan Pulitzer I don't know of anybody else. This is the most important part of this audit.

    Sorry, we need tech guys for this job, not accountants. What you're doing is trying to make the easy stuff like counting and going door to door as some kind of advanced rocket science. That's routine stuff that isn't hard to do. You're acting like a good mechanic that doesn't have any experience at airing up tires isn't fit for that job.

    Pretty pigeon but I'm right when I say you've let yourself get caught up in MSM narratives before and you're doing it again now. This is going to be another Hunter Biden moment for you and you don't even realize it. As long as you've been here you've never figured out why the conservatives here over the years have constantly gotten the better of you. Hell, you probably don't realize it.
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    That doesn't address any of the argument that a true audit would have qualified companies with no dog in this fight to complete the audit. Is it possible that you'll never believe that fraud wasn't committed??
  7. Garmel

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    As usual he'll find MSM ******** that "proves" these people are in error and/or in cahoots with republicans to overturn this election.
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    Allied Security Operations Group completed their analysis on the actual machines in Antrim County. Russell Ramsland's 23-page analysis was thoroughly rebutted making it clear the conspiracy theorist lacked more than a fundamental understanding of election machines.

    Are you saying that the election machines aren't also being audited in Maricopa County? If so, why hire teams who's actual core competencies are security and technology architecture, even if not voting systems specific?

    Please stop, do some research into the companies I'm pointing out. Your claim that these small businesses have more capabilities than companies like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, PCW-IBM etc erode your credibility, rather rapidly.

    Please familiarize yourself with these companies. They are some of the largest technology consulting companies in the world, in addition to having audit wings of their business. Arguing that 4 companies that collectively have fewer than 100 employees have more capabilities than Accenture (Example), a multi-national company with 506,000 employees is a bold approach albeit rather ignorant. The difference here is that Accenture wouldn't stake it's reputation on a predetermined outcome. The AZ State Republicans couldn't pay Accenture enough to do that.

    Your argument is the equivalent of Bob's Hardware Store, locally owned and operated, is more equipped to acquire and sell some rare specialty wood flooring than Home Depot, assuming both companies competed for the same product. Sure, both are home improvement stores but Home Depot has the purchasing and logistics operations that Bob's Hardware could only dream. Additionally, Home Depot needs to stand behind the product whereas Bob's Hardware is more likely to close it's doors tomorrow as it barely hangs on financially.

    LOL! I do appreciate you admitting that you are the pigeon then showing as much in the paragraph. I was hoping for more depth, depth as in supplying supporting evidence. The claims of "victory" are as vapid as the lack of evidence.
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    I love how you find another cyber specialist doing a paltry 6 page report some how invalidates what ASOG did. Somehow they're the ones that are right because they tell you what you want to hear. Does this company even have the digital images from the machines like ASOG does? If not, they're talking out of their asses.

    "Please stop, do some research into the companies I'm pointing out. Your claim that these small businesses have more capabilities than companies like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, PCW-IBM etc erode your credibility, rather rapidly.
    Please familiarize yourself with these companies. They are some of the largest technology consulting companies in the world, in addition to having audit wings of their business. Arguing that 4 companies that collectively have fewer than 100 employees have more capabilities than Accenture (Example), a multi-national company with 506,000 employees is a bold approach albeit rather ignorant. The difference here is that Accenture wouldn't stake it's reputation on a predetermined outcome. The AZ State Republicans couldn't pay Accenture enough to do that."

    I set you up on this one because I figured this was going to be your uniformed response. Nobody has the machines capable of doing kinematic artifacts on ballots because IT IS A PATENTED INVENTION and Pulitzer loaned the equipment to Cyber Ninjas and friends. No one else has it as of yet. Thanks for playing.

    Predetermined outcome? Like I said, this is your uninformed opinion posing as fact. Show me proof of this. Like I said this stuff is black and white. Either the ballot is phony or it isn't.

    Accenture wouldn't take the job because they would be constantly harassed and blackballed if they showed election fraud.

    Edit-. "I have not had access to the Antrim County voting equipment, or any voting equipment in the State of Michigan."

    From your Security Source, Husker. Busted.
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    Don't worry, Husker. There will be a left leaning auditing firm that will say all of the work from Cyber Ninja on these Dominion machines in Maricopa is complete bunk. However the firm won't be able to "debunk" the bad ballots.
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    A "thorough rebuttal" that did not even involve any manner of hands-on review of Antrim County equipment OR records. That ranks right down there with the examinations done remotely about the state of winterization readiness for ERCOT resources...

    Even a bottom quartile attorney would have fun with the 'rebuttal' expert on may be a considered opinion, but still an opinion that lacks an ability to make a qualified statement about ANYTHING in Antrim County. It quickly turned into hearsay upon hearsay...
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  12. Horn6721

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    This is too funny. Not the first time he has posted his own debunk
    This "I have not had access to the Antrim County voting equipment, or any voting equipment in the State of Michigan."

    From your Security Source, Husker. Busted."
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  13. AC

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    Sadly, my Mother pulls this same thing with me. Not looking forward to the family reunion this year. Liberals cannot be reasoned with, they live in an MSM echo chamber. I’m not waiting for FEMA camps to open up before I fight back legally. Biden/Harris MUST be stopped before the US is full Marxist.
  14. Seattle Husker

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    If you don't like that one there are others. Of course, Dominion and the MI SOS had their own critiques. I thought it best to cite a 3rd party but if it's a volume game you lose. At this point I'm the one citing evidence. Time to do your own research. I've even linked the Russell Ramsland report. It's all there....start citing.

    Wait...this guy has patented technology that only he can detect folds in ballots?


    " we discuss his ongoing mission to expose and correct the ways ballots are handled, processed and audited in American elections."

    It's a business for him and a bias. Don't think he's biased?

    Here is the GA SOS office response to Pulitzer's claim that he "hacked Georgia's election". Let's just say that if you read the GA SOS public statement about this guy I'm not sure why anyone would trust his invention to actually work or that there aren't other tools that could detect folds, printing and marks which is what "kinematic artifacts" is a fancy word(s) for. Regardless, his inclusion is emblematic of BIAS. (As an aside, most off the counter Document Management products can be modified to do what he's claiming his "patented" invention does. At one point in my life I managed an IT tasked with managing a large wireless telecom's Enterprise Content Management function. The repository of every customer's contract and ability to display and use for document discovery was all part of the function. What's he's claiming is neither revolutionary nor particularly difficult but simply needs to be configured in these large scale software applications. OpenText is just one or many in this niche software category that has this capability. Yes, Document Management is an entire category in software for enterprises.)

    You don't need any media to point that out. It's obvious based on the evidence I'm providing unless you also are claiming "Google" is biased too.

    Yes, predetermined outcome. You have a group of small business and proclaimed "kinematic artifacts" detection inventor who all have a vested interest in proving fraud. They aren't going in to say "does fraud exist?" but rather "we're going to prove fraud". Bias was incessantly pointed out by you in the Chauvin trial but here it doesn't matter or doesn't exist? That's a little self serving don't you think?

    You know bigger firms wouldn't take it as a fact? If so, I'd love to see your source because all I see is the press release from the AZ Senate Republicans. I'm not discounting that there would be concern for being harassed but to assume that all the qualified companies (and neutral?) for this effort wouldn't take the job is a big assumption that isn't supported by any of the publicly available information that I've seen.

    I worked for Accenture for 3 years and dealt directly with CIOs and Business Unit leads. For the right price point and freedom to ensure they controlled the analysis and publication of the analysis I'd lay heavy money they'd take the work. Heck, they might even be willing to discount their rates for the publicity. What they wouldn't do is accept meddlesome politicians dictating any outcome or controlling the audit process because they'd most assuredly need to establish themselves as Independent.
  15. Seattle Husker

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    Would you prefer the MI AG/SOS public response, the affidavit submitted by the MI Director of Elections Bureau? If you read the prior response they point out that the configuration which AGOG claims to have tested Antrim County doesn't have licenses for nor is compatible to work. We've all suffered from incompatible software before. You can look at any software vendors site and find detailed documentation on what is and is not compatible. The configuration which AGOG is claiming to have tested on site is incompatible, nor does Antrim County have licenses. Does the person doing the analysis need to be onsite to point this out? Heck, in another thread I was able to show that Russell Ramsland's analysis of vote overcount was bogus.

    Yes, this is the same guy that confused MN and MI voting precincts then proudly proclaimed that more votes were counted than voters existed in an affidavit.

    I stand by the fact that there is a reason that AZ Republicans did not engage AGOG...they've been discredited, thoroughly.

    BTW- I'd LOVE for you to try and prove incompatible software is in fact compatible of that Antrim County is using software they don't have licensing.
  16. Garmel

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    The Georgia SOS? Really? You mean you're taking the word of the same guy who lied about what Trump said in their phone conversation. Holy ****. You keep listening to lying election officials as if they are fact.
    Cool. You can alter it to get around the patent. Now show me who has this tech. You can't.
    Pulitzer's biased? Once again you're listening to MSM character assassination then actual facts. You need to listen to his work.
    This argument you're making is as goofy as the Hunter Biden laptop **** you pulled.
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  17. Seattle Husker

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    Which Trump interview? I listened the audio of Trump telling Raffensberger to "find ballots" and that "I only need XXXX votes". Please don't tell me not to believe my ears.

    GA SOS and KnowInk, the creator of the Poll Pad which Pulitzer claimed he had "hacked".

    Back to your post:
    Alter to get around a patent? I'm telling you that any Enterprise grade Document Management suite could deliver this functionality that Pulitzer is claiming. Cheap OCR applications had the capability to read (and ignore) folds in paper in 1996. It was needed for those companies loading resumes into their Applicant Tracking Systems then parsing them document. It's not novel nor creative in the Document Management space. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a patent. After all, he's one of the brilliant minds behind :CueCat but that doesn't mean you can't get to the same result with other tools without violating his patent. The point being, detecting folds or marks on a ballot is very simple, something OCR tools have been doing for decades. Heck, there are scanning applications using your phone camera that could do this with minor modifications if they are even needed at all.

    I haven't listened or read anything on Pulitzer other than the GA SOS remarks about him. Google is a good research tool if you care to do your own research. The link to his podcast above was one of the first items that surfaced. You don't think this is biased from his podcast description?

    "as we discuss his ongoing mission to expose and correct the ways ballots are handled, processed and audited in American elections."

    Do understand the meaning of bias?

    2 steps forward then one step back. Can you please refrain from Pigeon mode?
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  18. Garmel

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    Yeah, the person who was hacked is going to tell you that he got hacked. :lmao:

    Husker, I guess you missed the correction that WaPo did that said the "Find Votes" was taken out of context.

    Pulitzer is a failed treasure hunter too. :lol:
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  19. AC

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    Former Obama White House adviser arrested for allegedly stealing over $200,000 from charter schools he founded - Breaking911

    So in a less than a week. An Obama adviser arrested for $218K stolen from charter schools he founded. Epstein and Maxwell photo from 1993 proves they were meeting Clinton in the WH 28 years ago! We already know both Clintons and many prominent Dems including Chuck Schumer visited Epstein Island regularly. Satanic Temple is on that Island. Sick!
    John Kerry committed high treason by giving classified documents to Iran. While Trump was President!

    So SH, if you think all you have to defend is the coup the Dems performed on 11/03/2020, and 11/04 AM. You have to defend ALL of these other allegations plus the hundreds of new ones that haven't come out yet! Better get busy. Do you have a job?
  20. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Pulitzer made the claim in a Republican hearing in GA and didn't provide evidence. KnowInk evaluated the claim and responded. The fact that you automatically believe Pulitzer, without evidence, denotes your own bias. That's not unexpected to me at least. Care to go Pigeon-mode again?
  21. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

    That's the title of the thread. Not sure how any of that post relates to the purpose of the thread. Did I miss the memo on ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Hour on West Mall? If so, I'll need to recalibrate when I visit.
  22. AC

    AC 2,500+ Posts

    All of this corruption, INCLUDING the reason forensic audits are required, IS related! It all ties together. I'll wait until everything comes out, it will eventually. Going to be a LOOONG year for you Dems. RINO Republicans too!
  23. Garmel

    Garmel 5,000+ Posts

    KnowInk didn't prove anything either. I'll take Pulitzer's word until proven otherwise. Btw, you've been in pigeon mode since I met you on here many years ago.

    This will be my last response to you on this subject. It's remarkable how you keep believing the liars as long as they tell you what you want to hear. You still believe the Mueller investigation as fact regardless of what we've seen come out of the FBI investigation and now the Georgia SOS. Yet, you attack the integrity of the audit with conjecture that they're to help Trump with little to no proof. Please quit burying yourself. If you had any form of self awareness you would know this attitude you have is what ends up getting you burned. Like I said earlier, your reality is going to have a shock coming to it.
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    This can't be made up.
    Remember the original Maricopa County judge recused himself because an attorney who came on at the last minute had interned for the judge. The new judge Judge Martin, you may recall, was appointed by former Governor Janet Napolitano.
    A Gateway Pundit reporter made a couple of phone calls
    The first call made was to the office of Judge Pamela Gates. It apparently is currently her responsibility to appoint judges in civil cases in the state.
    A call was made to Judge Gate’s office, the woman who answered the phone said that it is Judge Gates’ responsibility to appoint judges to civil cases in Arizona, except for election and related audit cases. This lady shared that for the current election audit case, it was Judge Thomason who selected Judge Martin for the case.

    So a call was made to Judge Thomason’s office. The lady who answered the phone there said that for the current case Judge Thomason did not select the judge for the case. She said that the judge’s name was provided to their office and Judge Thomason released the information on who the judge was. The woman shared that for recusals it’s the Presiding Judge who appoints the judge. She then shared that it was Judge Gates who provided Judge Martin’s name.
    e calls to determine who chose Napolitana-appointed Judge Martin to handle this election case in Arizona.
    Judge Gates is married to Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates. Gates is part of the group that has worked stop the audit.
    Why did Judge Gates lie about her not being the one who named Judge Martin?

    The American Bar Association has a code of conduct that all attorneys must abide by. A judge must avoid any impropriety or appearance of impropriety.
  25. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts's their business Pulitzer is attacking. Dominion filed libel suits on it's attackers, some of which proceeded to backtrack like a DB trying to guard DK Metcalf on a GO route.

    You clearly don't understand Pigeon-Mode. I'm not incessantly claiming victory over unresolvable debates simply to show some superiority. Depantsing you in the current argument with facts and data is debate. Still, I'm not claiming I'm 100% victorious but rather challenging you to present facts and data to prove me wrong. Instead, you make claim after claim, scream fake media all in attempt to hide that you are either unwilling or unable to counter the arguments based on their merits.

    Case in point. Deflect, dodge, make unsupported claims then claim victory like a pigeon. It's predictable as the rain in Seattle. I'm challenging you to debate but every point I bring to the table you ignore or evade, absent your commendable admission that the County Elections Board in Maricopa is 80% Republican.

    You claim Pulitzer doesn't have bias...I demonstrate his dodge. You claim the claim these "audit" companies are experienced...I demonstrate that they don't do this work as part of their normal dodge and claim that nobody does. You claim that Pulitzer has some proprietary tool that detects "foldings, printings and markings on ballots" then when pointed out any number of tools can do this you evade. Need I go on? 3 pages in and not a single linked set of evidence to support your claims that you "know much more than [me] on the subject". They have a term for that in Texas right? All hat no cattle.
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  26. Seattle Husker

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    Bill Gates is one of the 4 Republican County Election Board members which make up 80% of the board.
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  27. Horn6721

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    Gates is NOT on the election Board. He is a County Supervisor. He has worked to stop the audit
    Romney etc pretends to be a Repub too. Actions talk
  28. Seattle Husker

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    I Arizona the Board of Supervisors is the election board. Bill Gates is on the Board of Supervisors...


    Who has oversight for the Maricopa County Elections Department.

    They couldn't be fighting it because they believe that they ran a fair election, huh? Must be protecting their own fraud?
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  29. iatrogenic

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    It's interesting to watch SH dance. First, the argument was "if you have never audited an election, you're not qualified to audit an election". Now the argument is, "if you have a company with a large amount of employees that have never audited an election, you are qualified to audit an election".
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  30. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Please don't use quotes as if that's what I said...that is disingenuous bordering on dishonest.
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