Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by AC, Apr 25, 2021.

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    Meanwhile, Trump is in Florida screaming insults at his televisions
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    It's like he's still POTUS.
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    Made me think of my thoughts about what Hillary was probably doing after her loss. Bet I never heard language like that - man or woman.
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    Losing an election can be very hard. It's harder for some than others. Remember Al Gore's 50lbs of weight gain and Grizzly Adams beard?
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    Martha Rogers, Senator from AZ now has signatures from legislature’s in 38 states to start up forensic audits. I wonder what is holding up AG Bynovich in AZ??
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    Wow, if the request exceeds $50 they want advanced notification, talk about tight budget. I will throw in an extra $50 if it helps them out.
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    Trump lives in their minds.
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    It's like they still think Trump is President. Of course, they still can't find one thing good to say about Dementia Joe.
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    Many States have a threshold requirement on records in Texas, it has been $25. It becomes standard for a requestor familiar with the process to include language surrounding the threshold requirements...
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    At the center of the Dominion defamation lawsuit is Joe Oltmann. He's the dude that claimed he infiltrated an "anti-fa conference call" and that a Dominion Exec Eric Coomer had claimed that Dominion had the election rigged for Mr. Biden. Guiliani/Powell claimed there was a recording. It turns out there was no recording and in all likelihood Joe Oltmann made it up.

    In the defamation discovery another item has come to light. Oltmann was trying to gain illicit access to the voting systems in Colorado. How so? Hacking? Bribing election officials? We know at least 1 conspiracy theorist election official in Colorado appears to have given someone access they shouldn't have.


    What this shows is that much of what the Pro-Trump "stolen election" crowd claims is projection. FULL STOP. They either claimed to have "hacked" the systems or at the very least are using unethical if not illegal steps to obtain access to voting processes.
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    Garland Favorito, cited on "stolen election" threads on the West Mall multiple times had his case dismissed by a judge in GA over standing.

    Favorito created a video analysis of the ballot images claiming they showed examples of "pristine" ballots with perfectly filled ovals and duplicates, alleging them all to be counterfeit.

    The judge waited for the State to produce evidence that countered the claim. After reviewing the evidence the judge dismissed the case.

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    Thank God Arizona didn't listen to what Maricopa County said. LOL! They sure as hell don't want any private citizens to look at anything. Transparency is dead.
  19. Seattle Husker

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    You don't have a right to know who I voted for just because you think something nefarious happened. Please stop trying to define "transparency" as if you have some other intention than trying to commandeer the election system to ensure your guy wins.

    The moment AZ went with private funds to pay for investigations from a biased 3rd party they showed their hand that "transparency" wasn't the goal. That was reinforced when they fought attempts in court to show their investigation procedures and who was funding the effort. Every hearing only the Republican sponsors of the effort were allowed to question CyberNinjas. Cyber Ninjas didn't show in D.C.

    Nope, y'all are manipulating the word transparency to project it only on others but deliver none of your own.
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    Just keep ignoring what we saw at Maricopa County. A "biased" company had zero to do with Maricopa deleting election files. There's nothing more biased than letting state officials investigate their own election problems like we keep doing. This is like buying into what a business says about their own internal "investigations".

    We private citizens have the right to know if our elections are fraudulent. Somebody saw who you voter for? I hate to tell you that happens on election nights and during the recounts. This whole system of "our elections are honest, trust us" with no ability to check might be something you like but it isn't mine.

    Favorito showed us the 100-0 tally sheets while the batches themselves showed a near 50-50 split with many of the boxes. You can buy the state's nonsense or believe your own eyes. I know what I'll do.
  21. Seattle Husker

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    I've already said I'll withhold judgement pending any legal review. At this point we have claims from a company that was paid $6M to deliver an outcome for their investors. An outcome they are now hoping to get paid more $$ in other states.

    So, yes, I'm skeptical. Just look at all the claims sine 11/5/2020 the stolen election crowd have espoused claiming we've got them...see we have the evidence. Every single time when it came to any non-biased review, legal, audit (3rd party) or other the evidence went nowhere, was fabricated or simply had a very logical explanation.

    Shouldn't we all be skeptical of the fraud claims by now?

    Why do you get to set the rules of transparency? Because you don't like the results of elections, audits (3rd party and election orgs) and the courts? I've said this before, at this point some are soooooo deep that they are willing to believe that a conspiracy is being executed by thousands, including members of their own political party. Not sure about you but I can't keep a secret among 5-10 people on "dark" projects where I work.

    Favorito showed you his bias. The SoS responded with their findings. The judge waited to review both sides of the evidence before dismissing the case. You can assume that Favorito's claims didn't match up to the State response, like most of the evidence the Pro-Trump crowd has submitted in court. So, yet another judge ruled against the "stolen election" claims. They too must be in the conspiracy, right? That automatically means the election is transparent because some dude that has challenged every state election in GA since 2004 with claims of fraud isn't able to have his own audit? Maybe y'all should start to re-evaluate who you are listening too. There are a lot of grifters and crazy people ready to steal your lunch money.
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    These fraud claims don't work because we're not allowed to look at anything. These states doing internal "investigations" are just like asking a business to do their own internal "investigations" and worth about the same. You think a judge is going to upset the state by ignoring the state's findings? Please. This **** is all politics. The so-called state "investigation" looked at only 1,000 ballots if my memory is correct. LOL! It's a joke. Favorito looked at all of them. I think you need to reevaluate who you've been listening to. You've been on the wrong side of too many arguments here because you haven't figured out your news sources are actually democrat activists posing as journalists.

    You can wait for the justice system all you want. We have them moving data off subpoenaed machines. They admitted to it. I imagine if the AG does something against Maricopa you'll go with that he wants to be a senator or something. If the upcoming kinematics and/or routers reports shows malfeasance you'll make more excuses.

    The truth is coming out in Arizona because we've never had access to the info we have now. It's going to keep getting worse for your viewpoint as time goes along.
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  23. Seattle Husker

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    Normally you need to have evidence to prompt an investigation. That of course hasn't stopped the claims from rolling in. It's always just one more investigation...what we did find didn't result in anything meaningful but if we had MORE information then you'll certainly find the fraud. The grift rolls one. The evidence is always just around the corner but the system is standing in our way is the lifeblood of QAnon conspiracists. It's a get out jail free card for every inconvenient fact that doesn't support the conspiracy.

    What about 3rd party audits? PEN tests? Sample audits? The sheer volume of people that need to be in on the conspiracy? You know, normal people simply doing their civic duty.

    That's right, every judge is also against you. That's why the Pro-Trump crowd is now something like 1-92 in court. It can't be that the evidence being presented is simply not convincing to a judge, can it? Not convincing enough for the judge to issue orders that result in millions of tax payer money to be spent chasing ghosts? Oh, you'll fund it yourself? Yeah, we've already seen was a cluster that was in AZ. $6 million spent and the seminal charge is that Maricopa deleted/archived some data off a subpeoned machine.

    You keep claiming that. How many years in and you haven't put up the evidence? Sounds a lot like your election claims doesn't it. Pattern? Probably.

    Yes, the justice system where evidence gets fair scrutiny. If I was the Washington Generals of Election fraud claims I too might not wait for the justice system to weight in. It's easier to make claims when the opposing side doesn't have an opportunity to defend itself. When they have gotten the chance, the fraud claims have gone up in smoke not too different than Guiliani/Powell/Wood ability to practice law.

    Tell me. Is that a felony or a misdemeanor? If it's sooooo nefarious, so seminal than clearly this will be an open/shut case and people will be staring at serious jail-time, right? The AZ AG will most certainly take these criminals to criminal court, right? And if that doesn't happen the what? Could that mean that went in search of murder and landed on a jaywalking charge? Not worthy of $6M, huh?

    I'll wait for the legal system results in yes. A place where actual evidence is vetted, where claims that don't have support go do die. That's what rational people do.

    You said this with Guiliani's claims over and over. You've not gone mute on Michigan and Antrim County. You've said this in GA. Yes, Favorito was your guy...he had the smoking gun yet now will be hoping/praying his appeal is accepted.

    You've simply moved on to AZ. If that doesn't come to fruition you'll jump to WI, GA or maybe the next election. "Transparency" is never achievable because unless it confirms your beliefs then it isn't "transparent". Round and round you go.
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    Uh, the evidence of ballot harvesting is overwhelming. The audit in some way helped estimate the order of magnitude.
  25. Seattle Husker

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    That assumes the claims hold up to scrutiny. At this pojnt they are simply claims by a vendor that was paid $6M by investors looking for evidence to support their beliefs. My guess is that some may have merit while most will end up having legal reasons. Ballott harvesting is a good way to brand it though. It gets the far right fired up enough to give more money and change laws to make it harder to vote which is the end goal. Don't want the unpredictable casual voter mucking up the processs of maintaining power.
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    Somehow corruption involving many people within the election systems in several states is somehow a conspiracy that couldn't happen. I guess the Tammany Hall days were just fiction as well.

    Favorito has the smoking guns. Yes, it was swept under the rug. The same people who told you the what you saw on the water leak night in GA was perfectly normal are now trying to tell you that the state's 1,000 ballot look was better than Favorito's 147,000. Just like with Maricopa you keep taking the word of people who are lying to you.

    No evidence of your past ignorance? You called the IRS and FBI malfeasance a conspiracy theory. You said the dossier was good evidence. Covington Kids and the whole Summer of Love fiasco. You've embarrassed yourself so many times and your lack of self awareness is mind boggling. This is why I've always believed you to be on the spectrum.

    Yeah, deleting subpoenaed election material is no big deal. :tap:
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    Republicans should stay home and not vote in 2022 and 2024. Sounds like an order that his supporters should not vote. Please don't disappoint him. ;)

  28. Seattle Husker

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    Massive conspiracy involving hundreds of election officials across many states (local and state), judges (dozens), federal officials (including Trump appointments), election software companies, media, Republicans and Democats all working together to hide the conspiracy. Got it. Can't understand how us masses were so easily fooled. Where can I sign up for the @Garmel or @AC newsletter? Does this mean I need to start believing Jonathan Soloman is more than a 2-3 time disgraced journalist hack? That might just be a bridge too far for me.
  29. Garmel

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    LOL! We caught them deleting election info and it's all still a conspiracy. Just curious, when this all done how long are you going to disappear this time?

    I just don't know how someone with your track record has the guts to talk smack. Mindblowing.
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    Track supporting Rudy Guiliani, Sydney Powell and their ilk? I get why you want to yank on a "deleted data"'s a lifeline amidst a sea of failure.
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