Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by AC, Apr 25, 2021.

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    Wisconsin is a disaster.

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    You remind me of one of those contrails guys. Every jet flume is validation. "See it! There's another one!"
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    If it's not in the MSM then it's a Q Anon conspiracy! DERP!!!

    Did you even bother reading it? Of course not.

    Bubba, I'm going to be right on this just like when many of you were calling me a conspiracy theorist when I said the Russian collusion **** was corrupt nonsense.
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    Right there with you Garmel!
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    Paul Harris, a guy who worked as a manager during the Arizona audit testifying to all of the fraud that he encountered.

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    That's a great video. It very adeptly crystallizes the "fraud" claims and the states response.

    Emotional man: Look at this paper and this number! There MUST be something fishy about this election process.

    State Congressperson: That's how my daughter voted by email from Pennsylvania.

    Calm and rational State Rep: That's how the UACAVAA(sp?) is laid out by law, the sponsoring congressperson's name is XXX and what you are describing is that process.

    Emotional man: But there were 8k more UACAVAA votes for Maricopa County this cycle than 2016.

    @Garmel: See the fraud?

    Rational person: Nice claim you have there. Where's the evidence of fraud? Those 2 items by themselves may lead to evidence of fraud but by themselves are not evidence of fraud. Too much eagerness to jump to conclusions from the "stolen election" crowd.
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    Let's see:
    1) Out of these 9600 ballots, 95% went to Biden. Major red flag. State rep didn't debunk this.
    2) An increase from 1600 to 9600 is concerning since it was mentioned that most of those deployed came home due to the pandemic from 2016. According to one of the senators they don't even have 9600 military deployed from Maricopa. Since many deployed men overseas are either single or have their spouses at home the 9600 number isn't believable because there wouldn't be enough family members overseas to make up the difference.
    3) No names or identifying numbers on these ballots. No chain of custody on these ballots, either. The state rep doesn't debunk this part.
    4) Maricopa County, which has little in the way of military men, makes up 20% of all UOCAVA cases in the entire United States. The entire United States, Husker. Major red flag. State rep didn't debunk this.
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    The choice was between Biden and Trump.
    No matter who counts what ballots, we all lose in that scenario.
    Don’t vote at all

    it just encourages them
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    Nice claim you have there.

    Here's the problem. It's a single data point that doesn't take into account that voting was up nationally by over 19M and in AZ by over 800k from 2016 to 2020. In fact, the vote tally in 2016 was the lowest since 2004. All the other stuff is simply supposition trying to justify whey more people voted. Honestly, look to see who qualified to receive that UOCAVA ballot before jumping to conclusions. Aside from military, there is a better than equal chance that many others were actually locked in place abroad, unable to travel during the pandemic.

    No audit trail is the claim. Really? No ballot anywhere has a name on it, regular or UOCAVA. The state rep said they receive these ballots then pass them on to the County. Think they might have some record of the ballots they received and passed on? If you cared enough you'd say rather than believe this man that self-selected himself into the "stolen election" crowd maybe I should see if there if a valid paper trail.
    Maricopa County makes up ~2.5M registered voters of the ~3.9M AZ total (as of 2020). >50% of the state has "little in the way of military men? How may are we talking?

    UOCAVA stands for Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Overseas citizens also vote through this process. Heck, @Mr. Deez may have qualified to vote through UOCAVA.

    The claim that 20% of all UOCAVA ballots in the US were submitted in AZ doesn't pass the smell test. Only 45k total overseas ballots?
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    1) I don't make that claim. That was put out during the testimony. A Georgia election official a year ago said she saw 93% voting Biden from the military in one county. I don't remember which one though.
    2) 6X the 2016 amount from 9600 is rather high, especially since many came home due to the pandemic.
    3) The emails, which served as the ballots, had no name or ID number on them. As the senator said they could have easily been copied over and over and nobody would have known the difference.
    4) That's the claim. You could be right on this. I don't think that is the only way to vote overseas either. Btw, the man is right over the state rep. They get into a minor argument when he says there's supposed to be a real ballot attached to the email (6:40 mark), not a standalone email that's been copied. In other words, just like any other mailed in ballot. She's wrong. Americans can vote. Wherever they are.
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    A claim which you accepted as fact. Care to retract the "Major Red flag"?

    Is it? We have no context. When was the law that the State employee cited passed? Was there a better campaign to overseas voters in 2020 than 2016? Maybe, like much of the country there was simply more interest in voting. That increase could be innocuous, it could be fraud, we don't have enough information to jump to any conclusions. At least, we shouldn't jump to a conclusion.

    Again, that's the claim. We simply don't know. I wish the All-Republican panel would have asked the state rep about that but they didn't because it wasn't a fact-finding committee but rather one intent on passing more restrictive laws.

    It's entirely possible there is a procedural issue with these ballots. I think procedural issues are likely very common with a nearly all volunteer workforce to run our elections. In this case multiple parties touch these ballots before they are tabulated. The state and the county both should have some record based on the state reps statements. Still, the real ballot would not have a name but merely a bar code or similar marking, right? What I find curiously is that everyone admitted that the copy is a copy of the ballot. Were there no bar codes on the original ballot sent to the voter? I find that hard to believe.
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    Until someone proves to me otherwise I will accept it as fact. The guy was a team leader and saw the ballots. Another witness from another state experienced the same thing in her state.

    I'm concerned that the woman tried to argue with him when she had to know the rules just as he did. You seem to accept her claims as absolute fact so why can't I accept his?
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    What evidence did he present? A blank piece of 8x11 paper, an actual ballot and???? Did he stay at a Holiday Inn Express that made him an election expert? He managed a table(s) during an audit and didn't claim to have any election experience prior to that effort but rather 25yrs of business experience. So much experience that he had enough time off (or maybe unemployed?) to work for the audit for a few months.

    I wouldn't call that arguing but rather she stated that the State was following the law as it was written. Not sure anyone really disputed her stance or at the very least cited specifically where she was wrong.
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    He can't bring official documents because they're under lock and key again. He kept a tally because that was his job as the head of the UOCAVA table. He states that clearly in the video. Yeah, it takes election experience to count. I showed you where he interrupted her when she was wrong then she argued back. What was he supposed to do? Smack her? Check the 6:40 mark of the video. The UOCAVA site makes it clear that an official ballot has to be there. She's wrong or she's lying.
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    The UOCAVA site has information on overseas voters here.

    Per that site there are 2.2M overseas citizens eligible to vote and 7.8% of them did vote in 2020 amounting 226k overseas voters. Not sure where this gentleman got his "20% of UOCAVA voters voted in AZ" claim but the data on the UOCAVA site shows that figure is BS. Let's just say he's gravely misinformed. If he's so misinformed on something it took me <5 minutes to look up, what else is he misinformed on?

    Where? I can't find it. I looked here and here and UOCAVA apparently leaves it up to the State which is what that State representative was referring to. I'm too lazy to look up AZ's implementation of absentee voting for overseas citizens. As to the argument, she simply said the County is "probably" printing out the faxed ballot on paper and he responded "yes, they are". Not sure that's an argument.

    It should be noted that ~75% of Active Duty military qualify for UOCAVA because they are stationed >50 miles from their voting residence. They don't have to be stationed overseas.

    Overseas voters vote at a miniscule rate, only 7.8% in 2020. Could it be that those that felt passionate enough to vote against Trump actually drove that leap in Maricopa Country voters? Remember, as disfavorable ratings as Trump had in the US heading into the 2020 elections, it was much much much worse Internationally.

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    The number they quoted is an estimate. With the pandemic many people have returned home. I'll see if I can find actual numbers to whether he's right or wrong. Instead of 20% it would still be high at 4% when you consider the lack of servicemen in Maricopa and you have only civilian overseas citizens to make up that number.
    However, none of this changes what he saw at his table.

    The guy was in charge of the UOCAVA table during the audit. No name or even a number on these strange e-mail ballots. Can easily be fake and copied. Btw, his Biden stats line up with what witnesses found in Georgia and Michigan

    Look at my link above. They show that it's done exactly like mail-in ballots. At least they're supposed to. Zero chain of custody the way Maricopa did it. As the audit showed Maricopa have a habit of breaking the rules at their convenience, even getting into the machines that were under subpoena and deleting/archiving election info.
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    Maricopa county from 2016 to 2020, 600 % increase in overseas votes. However, Trump was so hated only 7.8 % of eligible overseas voters voted. Nothing to see here move along.
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    5662 trips by harvestors between 12 am and 5am. Nah Nothing unusual about that.:rolleyes1:
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    Color me shocked if Raffensperger actually charges someone though despite the evidence.
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    Vote fraud, as I understand, along with all of it's proof has to wait until Truth Social comes out in late February or so. It will get released at some point on Trump's new social media site (Truth Social) which cannot be censored. May also come out with the Durham Report or at that time. I understand, everything is waiting on Truth Social going live to avoid all censorship. We shall see if and when this actually comes to pass. It's getting pretty close. I don't know. I am still skeptical and a little shocked it has taken over a year!

    TRUTH Social
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    Why do I get the feeling that everything you believe will always come to pass in the future. It's always just around the corner.

    Before Truth Social you touted FrankSpeech and Mike Lindell as the source that would expose it all. Of course, he never did share the data he claimed up and down he had. Lindell talked about it a lot, raised $$, toured and made many claims that when push came to shove he refused to actually publicize his data. The king of the grifters yet this is you touting him. Here is a taste of stuff you claimed that never came to fruition. To my knowledge...Lindell hasn't won a court case yet though he's tried.

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    Truth Social is so ironicle.
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    Uh the faithful Trump media is beginning to turn on him for the big lie.

    Fox News host Brian Kilmeade hits Trump on Arizona election claim: 'That's an outright lie'

    The effort by Trump sycophants continues though.

    It should be noted that these local state legislator attempts to overturn the elections are going NOWHERE. In AZ Finchem introduced legislation that gave full election control to the legislature, allowing them to vote to overturn any election. That legislation was assigned to all 12 committees in AZ which ensures it will never see the light of day. Nobody except Trump and his rebellious supporters thinks it's a good idea to consolidate election decision power in the hands of a subset of politicians.

    Here is the response by the Republicans who stand in the way of the AZ and WI legislation.

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    Me waiting on the binary code to present me with a visual image of Seattle's posts in this thread:

    Broadband, it's your friend. :)

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