Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by AC, Apr 25, 2021.

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    I read somewhere that they were halfway done. I don't know what the truth is here.
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    None of us does Garmel.
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    Formally requesting your help. Here is a 2:24 (h/mm) video posted by Global TV Online. Can't find a full video capture. They apparently received it directly from Right Side Broadcasting.
    The first 1:26 of the 2:24 minute meeting focused on non-AZ related topics. A former MI Senator had an hour plus presentation on voting challenges in Michigan. Finally, over halfway in Guiliani presented his first (and only?) Arizona witness, Anna Orth.

    Anna Orth from Pima County: First, that woman is testifying to what she witnessed in Tuscon, which is in Pima County. I can't make heads or tails of concrete concerns she raised. She's all over the map and clearly confused. She was entrusted to manage the provisional ballot process but was more concerned with another room that she wasn't allowed in. She conflates voters from neighboring counties with transplants from other states. Let me be clear, this woman has honest intentions but the "frenzy" (Anna's word) that she endured for 5 hours (her first statement) then 15 hours (latter statement) was a bit much for her. There may be a thread to pull on in an investigation but it's hardly convincing and claiming her testimony about a Pima County election should prompt a Maricopa County audit is a bit much.

    I'm thinking you don't quite understand "random sampling". Maybe you can show evidence to back up that they any election official is auditing only specific precincts in their "random sampling". election official that prides themselves on running non-biased elections should welcome a partisan audit and if they don't they are suspicious? That's really your position?

    What does this have to do with Maricopa County? Do you not see the stacks of the 2.1M ballots?

    Please point me to the actual
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    Found the full RSB video, >11 hours. 6:26 (H:MM) in is the first Maricopa County witness, a voter and someone who lost a close race on the ballot. Will review later.
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    Now we're cooking. Liz Harris is the person referenced above. Remember, she's a candidate on the ballot. Liz didn't have any problem voting herself and admitted to defending the integrity of the election on voting day, presumably when she didn't know she had lost her election. She said she became concerned after going home and "studying the issue". Harris had a list of spurious claims about Democratic Poll Watchers being lawyers from California, Election officials pushing young GOP reps away from voting lines (claims they were further than the 75ft allowed) and generally that the polling station was "biased". Again, nothing actionable based on what she stated she witnessed. Then Liz went into her own data analysis. It's important to know that she's a Real Estate Broker by career thus is not an expert in data analysis. In fact, she lauded an earlier speaker who she claimed to be responsible for bringing him in 3 days earlier. I give her credit for taking the effort to do an analysis of voter rolls. Keep in mind, she didn't analyze the ballots but rather who is signed up to vote. Of the 3.3M registered voters she received a sample of 30K. From there she had an array of observations that fell into the following categories:

    1. Voters don't exist: ~10% she and a team were unable to find any record of existence. She didn't say how she was attempting to verify them but one can infer that we should simply take her word.
    2. SSNs don't exist? She mentioned some sort of SSN analysis but I find it highly improbably she was given a list of voters with their SSNs. If so, that's a data breach of significant importance.
    3. Voters are deceased: <1% according to her and not a major problem.
    She did mention that 22k ballots had return dates before they had been officially sent out but didn't outline how she extrapolated this information.

    Overall, 'A' for effort and voter rolls may need to be cleaned up but again, nothing actionable outside of an amateur data analysis.

    I'll continue when I have time.
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    Next up was a very reasonable woman, a retired IT manager for a "large utility company" at ~6:40 (h:mm) on the RSB feed and worked at the tabulation center as a Republican monitor. She claimed on multiple occasions it was pointed out the servers were plugged into the wall but had no internet access. There was a laptop in the room along with the 50 desktops used by the adjudicators (3 people, at least 1 D and 1 R). It was her suggestion that the presence of the laptop made the whole room insecure. She didn't claim any fraud or malfeasance. The woman pointed out that they tabulators were reset to zero 3x because of a fear that the numbers would get too high but that the monitors ensured all prior numbers added up. Again, she questioned the process but did not suggest fraud and was simply coming forward as a concerned citizen. This concerned Guiliani so he added the "fraud of the magnitude is why concerned citizens like XXX have lost trust in our elections". He then went on to suggest that all 50 desktops (tabulators) were connected to the internet.

    This woman thought it was odd that only the 2-3 Dominion employees had access to the software and hardware. That may have been SOP as in Detroit too whenever a problem occurred it was a Dominion employee that had to correct the problem. Honestly, would you want a volunteer election official fixing any hardware or software issues?
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    How Many times do you have to refute lies that come from a cabal of liars? At some point shouldn't just consider the source and not expect truth? If the boy who cried wolf had been written in the Times of Trump lovers, the community would have rushed out to kill the wolf, even if the story lasted 20 years. I know the truth is hard on people who believed Trump when he alleged that Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya and a few desperately hold onto hope that THIS TIME Trump really is telling the truth. Whenever the Smartmatic, Dominion, ghost of Hugo Chavez conspiracy was proven to be a bunch of ******** did any of the bullshitters back down or apologize... at least not until they were hit with a libel suit. Nope, Trump, Sidney Powell, and Guilliani just come up with a new line of ********... and the ******** lovers are eatin it up. And when all these lies get debunked... well there are plenty more where those came from.
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    The voting issue would go away with voter ID, but there's a group out there that wants no part of it. Maybe that has something to do with the "skepticism".
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    I agree, when I think about:

    NY Times
    Washington Post
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    Usually when those entities get caught in a lie there is red faced embarrassment and repercussions. Should I assume Sangre that you an your legion who agree are comfortable in a political climate where truth is no longer relevant?
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    Ironically, the serial liar, Trump, was actually telling the truth about the vaccine being just around the corner. But, since his lies were so common NO ONE believed him. I'm still waiting the ACA replacement that was always two weeks away or for him to release his taxes. Hell, his followers still won't take the dang vaccine that he was part of making.
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    You constantly ignore that the vast majority of people don't NEED the shot(s) to function with life, just like we don't need a flu shot. For MANY people, the sniffles were something that required a damned test to even KNOW you had...and you don't need a vaccine for something with better than a 99.8% survivability when you have a functioning immune system...
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    So only 2 out of 1000 healthy people die after contracting it? In the US, you'd need to show that 298MM people have had it to back that up.
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    Truth for each side is relevant. They just don’t share the same truth. The real enemy is the liars that tried to steal this election. We’ve all been lied to so much, we don’t know who to blame. The group involved in the American takeover and election steal:
    They’re R’s AND D’s! Your on our team and don’t even know it yet Crockett. It should be Patriots vs the Cabal. The Cabal is our enemy not R’s or D’s. Whoever has interfered in our elections, helped unaccompanied minors, or unborn babies to get sex trafficked, organ trafficked, etc. That’s the Cabal. Plus all the financial crimes being perpetrated against all of us!
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    I've watched ~2hrs of this "hearing" and the only thing different from similar unofficial Republican-only hearings like we saw in MI and PA is that we're missing the "Karens". Aside from the same "experts" which showed their MI/PA data and took up a full 6hrs of the meeting, the locals primarily have complaints about the process supported by anecdotal stories. Most aren't even alleging fraud (though Guiliani tried to twist their claims to be construed as fraud). They are simply alleging mismanagement and bias. None that I watched said the count was off based on what they witnessed. Seriously, it's same **** different verse that I decided wasn't worth my time to watch and report on anymore. I suspect that commitment was much more than most on the right claiming "fraud" and "stolen election" as it applies to AZ.

    It did confirm that AZ Senate Republicans are chasing ghosts. They have ZERO evidence but rather a bunch of internet rumors and some anecdotal stories and never sought explanations from County Election officials. I completely understand why the local County Supervisors are frustrated. In AZ, they are operating off some less than informed volunteers who over and over admitted that they didn't understand the process yet they didn't invite those County Supervisors to respond? It's a mockery of any attempt to discover the "truth".
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    Well, they're doing one thing right. If I want to find ghosts, I google "ghost hunters". They've found a company that supports their efforts. Like Kramer speaking to the college dean regarding Kramerica, "and with Darren's help, we'll get that chicken!"
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    Go ahead and defend this while your at it SH and OU Bubba.
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    A. Was Tom Hanks involved? Any of the Democrat pedophile network? Did they vote?
    B. Have I ever encouraged illegal immigration? I want legal immigration and employers penalized for hiring illegal workers.
    C. How are you going to stop people trying to escape the world that the cartels have created?
    D. He was a great tight end.
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    You probably can't stop people from wanting to leave. But that's on Mexico. And it is a sh*thole country. We need to stop the ridiculous sensitivity issues that Liberals have and call Mexico (AND CHINA for that matter; a communist, despotic bully on the world stage) out. But the Left is too tied at the hip to La Raza and LULAC's to do anything about the equality/diversity/sensitivity PC nonsense.

    We should LITERALLY force Mexico to pay for the wall and to give us whatever $$$ it takes to take care of the DACA kids for starters. If Mexico screwed themselves up by their CULTURAL PROBLEMS CAUSED BY THEM then they should reimburse us for the problems it solves over here.
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    I had a great video about the coming deposition with AZ SOS Katie Hobbs but it would not load. Oh well. AZ and MI will flip to Trump by July! :popcorn:
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    Is this similar to the prediction that Trump will become President on 3/4/21 (along with the price gouges at Trump's hotel in DC)? Or that he's actually the President in a Biden suit? Or that the military tribunals were going to start x/x/xx? Hillary will be arrested soon as well?
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    I didn’t make those predictions. So, no.
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    I thought this thread was about the Maricopa County audit. Do we not have other threads on this board in which illegal migration is discussed? Keep in mind that's something nobody on this board supports but we disagree on the cause and solution.
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    Your right SH, sorry. I kept trying to get the other video to load. Technology -:mad:$!^*+*%#.
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    Usually it's the news entity just shrugging its shoulders, saying "meh, too bad. Ga elections are over now. Suck it"

    Such as....

    WaPo admits it used false Trump quotes
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    This is a WTF
    Because it is just biz as usual from the left
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