Forty three in-a-row ou many do YOU have??? (ou SUCKS!!!!) Favorite?

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    Got my BEAT THE HELL OUT OF OKLAHOMA bumper sticker <<<focus>>> is on the future!!!!

    Next week will be my 43rd ou game in-a-row.....HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE???

    1972....Freshman up at 5am in Jester to go down to the little ticket office in Gregory Gym on Monday morning....I was the second to get there and was the first in my line....(if you can believe camping out) finally, the windows open up and I drew for the the tickets, had no idea where they were...lady at the window said "you did really good!".....well, we pull into our seats on Saturday and the guy next to me was in RED....we were 27 rows up and ON THE FIFTY....had waited my life for this moment....our crowd was awesome for the entire game....lost after hanging for the entire game and a quick kick being blocked opened the flood gates for ou.....still, nothing like it! HATED ou from the start....

    FAVORITE: 1977, after being cheerleader for three years in '74-'76 where we came so close, but never beat ou.....Earl hurdling a defender and rumbling into the end zone on the left side sent us over the top.....only TD for the entire day....but WE DID IT!!! BEAT ou !!! My date and I had parked downtown and ended up holding our own 'moving pep rally' from the Cotton Bowl to downtown Dallas....people hanging out of cars, buses and getting out in the middle of the street doing victory dances....quite the CELEBRATION...until Vince ran it in against USC...THIS was the best day of my much damn voice returned sometime before Thanksgiving....
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  2. lakewaybevo

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  3. lakewaybevo

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    Been to every game since my freshman year of 1971. Will be wearing my OU SUCKS button all week long. Looking forward to Fletcher's corn dogs.
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    This will be my 31st consecutive. (Missed in 1984, after attending 7 in a row from '77 to '83.)

    38 total (in which the record is 18 wins, 19 losses. and 1 tie.)

    I first attended in 1973 (we got murdered). but then I missed 3 in a row, before attending the big Win in 1977. I agree with the OP--that was the single greatest Texas win ever until the Rose Bowl victory over the "invincible" Trojans.

    Other wins that were particularly satisfying: 1981 (34-14), 1989 (28-24), 1994 (17-10, yeah Stonie Clark), 2005 (45-12), and 2013 (36-20).

    Actually, the truth is that I enjoyed ALL of the Longhorn wins!

    I will be there Saturday with my 3 sons, hoping for another miracle victory.
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    On the bright side look what we sacrificed on behalf of our conference.
    Moved TCU up a solid two spots in all the rankings.
    Got TCU some number one votes.
    Insured four undefeated teams in the conference.
    Doubled the viewing audience for the TCU Baylor game.
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    So, we are a bunch of old farts here! I sat through the 30 game win streak. Woulda graduated in 71, but I got 13 in the lottery in 69. Nam you know. This crap we are watching is not UT football.
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    This will be my 53rd - Don Meredith gave his cousin (my best friend's dad) tickets for SMU/Navy Friday night, Texas OU on Saturday, Cowboys/??? on Sunday afternoon in 1963. All three were underdogs and all three won. I had never seen anything like it and still haven't.
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    My father went to 61 consecutive OU games, every one from 1947 to 2007. He was very proud of that! My life has been far too complicated to have any streak (of anything) that long.

    Congrats to all of you who have been to so many.
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    1973 was the year I was the right front puller of BIG BERTHA and sat with her in the ou End Zone....Tinker Owens and Boomer Sooner is all I remember about that day....they had to have played that song 3000+ times....enough that I still salivate every time I hear it....

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    YOUR DAD is my HERO!!!....God willing, I'll make it there, too!!!

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    WOW! 53....good for you!!! That '63 ou game had to be a great one!

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    OLD FARTS is right! Glad you lived to talk about it!!!

    Somehow, we got to get this thing turned around....damn, it's down right frightening...
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    This year will be 52 for me, starting in1963. Made several games before that year but missed 1962 (I think). My Dad was a fan and going every year with him gave me a running start.
  14. SabreHorn

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    I remember the atmosphere, the crowd, the win, but the single play that has always stood out in my mind was Karl McAdams (???) hit on Ernie Koy. Both were behemoths for that time, with Koy being larger than most of the OL. As I recall it was at the goalline on the Southwest corner, Koy was about the two when McAdams hit him and drove him back, planting him on his back. That remains the single most picture perfect tackle I have every seen.

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    I'll have to check and see if the '63 game is on youtube....seems like I watched it on there once...I know I've watched the '69 ou game a couple of times...

    I actually got to meet Ted Coy last year out back of the Coop. They had a couple of dozen of the 1969 team there...I heard tell that Ernie was something else...
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    I look back at some of Coach Royal's early 60s RBs - Jerry Cook, Ray Poage, Koy, among others, were all bigger than the OL. I believe that Clarence Bray was only about 165 as starting OG.
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    This will be 34 in a row for me. Would be 37 but my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary trumped our trip to Dallas in 1981.

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    You're a good guy for showing up for them!

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    I envy you, wish my Dad had taken me as a kid....we were in Houston and I remember listening to the games with my Dad on the radio....hearing the LHB and the created a great picture in my mind what it was like...

    52 is awesome!
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    26 in a row, 45 overall. Only missed one year and would still be 7 behind 52.

    52 is unbelievable! That is one hell of a run!
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  21. shaggy refuge

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    Hook 'em, Horns! Beat OU!
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  22. Dionysus

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    Been 8 in a row for me! (I'm only a mere 22 yrs)

    First ever was when I was 10 years old and we had 50-yd line seats in 2003... Needless to say, maybe the worst day to ever be sitting next a Sooner, especially when she was a 250 pound degenerate with a crimson "Tuck Fexas" shirt on putting the horns down in my face... Did I say I WAS 10???

    Favorite - is there any question? The only OU game to have it's own wikipedia page in its honor of course! 45-35 in 2008 was simply one of the best games I have ever seen. Honest to goodness, it may be the best Texas game that I have ever witnessed in person (I was at Michigan, USC, and 2004 OSU)

    This year sadly I won't be going because I don't want to see us get thrashed because of an incredibly incompetent coach and players that show more fight on twitter against each other than they do on a football field. But all's well that ends well I guess. Maybe losing by 80 will finally get Charlie out the door and bring a real competitor in
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    I have been to about 20 Tex/Ou games and, by far, the best game was 2008's 45-35 win.
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    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    ....we just continue to GIVE and GIVE....

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    the guy's Dad who had 61....WoW....Lord willin' I'll make that one....
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    I've been to 24 in a row. I missed one year when I was 13, due to a scout campout at our family ranch. I've only missed that 1 game since I was 5, so that makes 31 total for me. My father has attended roughly mid-40's, and great Uncle has gone to more than 60 games
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    This will be my 23rd consecutive year, and my husband went at least 5 before we met. We've seen wins and losses and I think even one tie back when that could happen. We've had heat, cold, rain etc. I know this years game is likely to be depressing but no way were we going to skip it, even with the absolutely ridiculous price on tickets this year.

    Considering I'm a woman, and didn't even move to Texas til 1991, I think 23 straight years is pretty dang good!

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    you ROCK, Sue!!! way-2-go! Hook'EM!
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