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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by CottonEyedHorn, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. CottonEyedHorn

    CottonEyedHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Touchy subject probably. Have LHG or OB looked into getting this board out of the 90s? Do we need to have a fundraiser to make it happen? I feel like I'm stepping into the way back machine whenever I come here. Tapatalk inclusion would be nice too. I'll hang up and listen.
  2. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    I would suggest possibly sending them a message directly if you are serious about your inquiry. Posting it is silly as nobody else but them would have your answer.

    But this isn't your actual intention perhaps?
  3. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    The Proprietors
    Orangeblood (Robert Agnor):
    LonghornGirlie (Katy Agnor):

    (800) 741-3318 (voice/fax)

    Snail Mail
    1517 Parkway
    Austin, Texas 78703

    Advertising, Partnership and Charity Inquiries
    Katy Agnor:

    Private message should work as well.
  4. halsteadfrost

    halsteadfrost 1,000+ Posts

    Nothing will ever change, once you come to grips with that the better off you'll be. Money won't change anything, complaining won't change anything. Accept the boards shortcomings as what makes the board the board. [​IMG]
  5. CottonEyedHorn

    CottonEyedHorn 1,000+ Posts

    ^ thanks. I broached the subject publicly in case it has been brought up before and I could be referred to a prior thread. If its a moot subject I won't belabor it.
  6. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    Ah you crazy kids.
  7. CedarParkFan

    CedarParkFan 1,000+ Posts

    All in all I'd rather deal with this than the sophmoric postings that permeate Shaggy Bevo. The age of the average poster over there must be between 17 - 20.
  8. Texas___Fight

    Texas___Fight 2,500+ Posts

    I really enjoy the fact that the forums here are separated and very well organized. I subscribe to OB and while the info over there is better and faster than here, finding it in the endless non football related threads in ridiculous.
  9. dillohorn

    dillohorn Guest

    I like the format of Hornfans. Easy to navigate and is easy on the eyes. I guess I'm just old.
  10. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    With you Dillo. Hornfans is easily my favorite. Goes down and I get depressed. But ten again I am old.
  11. skipperj

    skipperj 100+ Posts

  12. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    I like hornfans because it has a real good beat and it's easy to dance to.
  13. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    Works for me, but I'm still using Windows 95.
  14. TOF

    TOF 25+ Posts


    What changes do you suggest? This board is 100% more readable than Other Boards IMNHO.
  15. jt09

    jt09 500+ Posts

    did loopy really just post the home address of robert and katy?

  16. skipperj

    skipperj 100+ Posts

    Never. He is above the law.
  17. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    Copy/pasted from the contact us link, top of page. Simple, simple.
  18. Navyfan

    Navyfan 100+ Posts

    Flaming bag of poop time?
  19. bozo_casanova

    bozo_casanova 2,500+ Posts

    registered mail is obviously the best approach, good call loop.
  20. omnipresent

    omnipresent 1,000+ Posts

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^

  21. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    Are we talking about Hornfans or Longhorn Football?
  22. AustinBat

    AustinBat 2,500+ Posts

    Let's see.......2 people on this thread (3 counting me) contribute to Hornfans. You have to pay for most of the other sites. Hmmmm....
  23. HornsN04

    HornsN04 500+ Posts

    You may want to try smoke signals, too.
  24. Pericles

    Pericles 1,000+ Posts

    I find absolutely nothing wrong with the software that runs this site, nor the look and feel of the site.

    After all, this isn't some video game where graphics and video reign. It's a BBS, for heaven sake.

    Posts are easy to read and easy to do.

    And it's true that there is a half-decent amount of maturity over here compared to boards like Shaggy.

    Don't like it, then move on.
  25. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    can only access tese days on the ipad due to the potential malicious viruses embeddedon here. apologize for the typos.
  26. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    Awww, how cute. A handful of shaggy posters have come out to play.
  27. 01 grad

    01 grad 250+ Posts

    Pizzas for the Agnors!
  28. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

  29. Iconoclast Texan

    Iconoclast Texan 250+ Posts

  30. LightTheTower

    LightTheTower 100+ Posts

    Don't hold your breath on an update to a site that last did a Senior Salute 7 years ago. Obviously, the motivation to keep the site relevant with the addition of things like tapatalk is lacking. Sadly, the civil war left HF as a shell of what it once was and the continued disdain displayed by mods towards posters shows no sign of abating.

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