Fracas in Section 107

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by TheTresLeches, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Anyone know what happened during halftime between that old dude and young guy in the aisle of Section 107 that led to cokes being thrown, shoves exchanged and the police taking people off? I was above the action waiting to go to the concessions and saw it but didn't know what it was about.
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    I missed that but caught the end as I was coming back from the concessions. Combine that with a shoving match, then later a sucker punch at the alumni center I've seen it all.
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    I don't get over to the Alumni Center much but it seems when I do, something exciting goes down.

    Maybe someone on here was there when this event happened about 2-3 years ago:

    It was in the main room in the middle and two guys were having some pretty heated words (find out later they were in-laws or something). Well, one walks off and the other has the look on his face like he's going to kill the man. He runs after him and throws a Tony Brackens style tackle on him, collapsing a folding table and taking out half of an impromptu concession stand. [​IMG]

    Everyone in there was all, "WTF just happened?"
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    Night Game = Drunk People => Stupid Crap Happens
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    Night Games + Drunkeness + Crazy **** happening = allsome.
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    i think it had something to do with ice cream cones and flip-flops.
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    Old Guy = Less filling

    Young Dude = Taste great
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    I'm not sure, but a search of Campus Watch finds this interesting tidbit:
    DKR-TEXAS MEMORIAL STADIUM, 405 East 23rd Street

    Public Intoxication / Possession of Multiple Driver's License: A UT student was detained after making several crude comments to several females wearing dresses.
    During the investigation the student handed the officer a valid driver's license, but the subject in the photograph did not look like the student presenting the DL. As the subject removed the driver's license from his wallet several credit cards fell to the ground. The officer noticed that the name on the cards did not match the name on the license. As the investigation continued, the officer took the subject into custody for Public Intoxication. During a search, the officer discovered the subjects true identify. The student was transported to Central Booking. Occurred on: 9-08-07, at 8:30 PM.
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    We won't judge you or your um, tastes in men. Not that there is anything wrooong with it.
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    Someone threw a Coke? Must've been a hornfan.
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    Driving While Intoxicated:
    ...During the traffic investigation, the officer detected a very strong odor of alcohol on the subject's breath and noted that the non-UT driver was dressed to impress, by wearing the contents of his stomach on the front of his shirt.


    I noticed that another report took place on 6th street---why is that on a UT police blotter?
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    Thanks, Bozo, for making me spit water all over my keyboard, for chrissake. [​IMG]
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    Actually, that was me.

    I was coming back up from the bathroom, and as I normally do, I waited for the people coming down the aisle to go down before I started to walk up.

    The old man was behind me, and tried to push me out of the way, mumbling something about "get the **** out of the way." I turned back to him, while still at the bottom of the stairs, and said "Hey man, I'm just trying to let these people out."

    I started up the stairs, and the whole time, the guy was mouthing off to me. When I got to my row, which is about halfway up, he was making snide comments about how slow I was, and about how I was an *******.

    Before turning left to go to my seat, I turned around to the guy, put out my hand, and BEEPED HIS NOSE.

    Seriously. I don't know what I was thinking, but I did it. I was trying to kill him with kindness, really. I smiled really, really big, and beeped (or honked, or tweaked) his nose.

    He then threw his Coke on me.

    At that point, I was more incredulous than pissed. My first thought was actually, "****, this would be great on hornfans."

    Now, the guy threw the Coke on ME. I'll admit to being mildly intoxicated, and I shouldn't have reacted in any way, discretion being the better part of valor.

    I never punched the guy. What I did try to do was tip the rest of the Coke back on to him. There wasn't much left in there, but what was in it went on a couple of the people seated around us. So if you were one of those people, I'd like to apologize. That was my bad.

    Just as in football, where the referees generally throw a personal foul flag for the player who responds to another, not the one who instigates the fracas, people saw me tip his cup into the air without seeing the rest of the story, and just assumed I was some punk. They may be right, anyway. But others who actually saw the whole thing called the police up, and made them remove the old guy.

    I appreciate my dad, my wife, and a friend who were in our seats, for telling me they saw the whole thing as well and that if it had been them, they would have decked the guy. Also, I appreciate the several people who also saw the whole thing, who stayed behind to tell the police that the other guy instigated this whole thing, and that I was just trying to be nice.

    I'm embarrassed at everything that happened. I tried to react as best I could--I think a lot of people WOULD have just punched the guy. I didn't. But I'm sorry for the commotion, Section 107.

    My bad.

    I'll take questions now.
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    Can't we all just get along?
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    you should have just kicked him in the junk; no one would have seen you do that.
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    When I was coming back from the concessions, I saw the police leaving and a little boy was going with them. Was he involved in the incident?
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    The ice cream cone post was so much better than the actual story.
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    Those in Sec. 107 need to go strapped for the next game. [​IMG]
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    Wait, you beeped his nose? I don't know why, but I find that ******* hilarious. Maybe it's because I just saw Superbad this past weekend.

    I'm lost on the ice cream cone and flip flops. Can someone fill me in?
  27. hitbyatrain

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    Yep, beeped his nose.

    Surly Old Man didn't think it was as funny as I did.
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    Like a Mr. Miyagi honk? If so...allsome!
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