Fracas in Section 107

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by TheTresLeches, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Sounds like a drunk who's been away from his hooch for too long.
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    I think I saw a video of this on TV Sunday morning...oh, nevermind, it was a Three Stooges episode. Funny-I'm thinking seats in 107-108 will be going for $500 each for Rice, just to see the rematch.
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    This is the funniest thing I have read in a while! I had tears in my eyes. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    damnit 109, we need ourselves a fight.

    anyone up for staging one? im on row 50... look for the ginger.
  8. obsessedhorn

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    I agree that you must go to the Rice game and in fact must not miss a home game this year. I will look forward to updates on the continuing saga of hbt and SOM throughout the season.
    Maybe for the Rice game you could bring him some flowers as if it were a peace offering but make it the kind that squirts water in his face when he smells them.
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    what row was this on? I am on 44...
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    I'll Paypal $25 to your legal defense fund right now... [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Allsome!!!

    That was a championship type performance [​IMG]
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    You have got to go to the Rice game!

    What row / seat area are you? We walk by you every week with our Sherpa guide and I'd like to say 'hey' and get a look at SOM.

    Great story and thanks for posting. I think you are going to become a legend for 107 along with SOM. Can't wait for the rematch and I second wearing a clown nose and smiling at SOM on your way to your seat.

    Another "I love Hornfans" post.

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    BHaT, I would've thought you woulda hit him with a roundhouse kick followed by a crushing nose beeping?

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    I will score tix for section 107 at the Rice game. I will wear a red nose and a pancho.
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    Maybe everyone in section 107 needs to wear those red noses!

    Great story, BTW!
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    Don't just wear a clown nose. Go all out.

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    Mac, is that Tiger Woods?
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    Train, Go to the Rice game and buy him coke. [​IMG]
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    I could see him showing up to court with a huge bulbous bandage over the nose you destroyed.

    I would love for you to take and post his picture after Rice!
  26. SeeVinceRun

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    I'm in 106, about 40 up, and totally missed this. When did it happen?

    I'll be sure to keep an eye out at the Rice game. [​IMG]
  27. accuratehorn

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    I'm betting SOM consults his lawyer and shows up at the Rice game with a Tweak and Desist Order for HBT.
  28. coopspoppa

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    Saw SOM being escorted out by the concessions.

    Did indeed look like Nolte in the mug shot.

    He was screaming "I have done nothing wrong and am being assaulted by UTPD" repeatedly.

    The fuzz had his arm stuck behind his back in a rather painful position.
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    Just looking like the Nolte mug shot is nearly enough to get arrested in and of itself!
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