Fran says how much his players suck for $1,200.

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by facemask, Sep 28, 2007.

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    The Link
    love this comment.

    ""I knew it was probably going to be controversial," Franchione said. "I certainly didn't mean for it to be that. When I knew you guys were starting to ask around a bit, I thought, 'Maybe we shouldn't do this.'"

    ya think maybe???

    how about this..

    ""A seventh player, Roger Holland, is iffy," the newsletter said. "He recovered drastically from a mile (sic) concussion carried over from Sunday, but not fully.""

    a MILE
    concussion? mile????? not mild????
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    He's a really stupid jackass to do this.
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    After this VIP newsletter episode, I wish we could go back in time. 77-0 was too kind.
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    Have no fear LL the Big Bang white noise of this will echo for all eternity- at least the next 100 years of College Football.
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    Well, it was fun while Franny lasted. Aside from their one true shining moment - '12-7,' it was a series of unrealistic expectations from the aggs, followed by crushing disappointments. Franny really followed the aggy historic script of playing second, third or even fourth fiddle to UT.

    Here's nominating Mike Gundy as their next HC.
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    I haven't gotten to read all of this, I just wanted to be part of the thread with the funniest title I have seen since I have been posting here.
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    I'm surpried that College Gameday didn't talk about Frangate.
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    If A&M was remotely decent, aggy would be defending Fran to no end.
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