France and the Yellow Vests

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Not sure where you are going with this. But if the implication is that the higher rate of non-lethal violence against minorities is warranted, I don't know.

    That wasn't my point. My point is that cops don't necessarily target minorities to kill like the #BlackLivesMatter movement claims. The truth is much more complicated than that. Part of the truth is at what rate is the level of violence warranted.

    I bet in general police use the appropriate level of force. The problem comes when they don't and they are protected by the law. It causes police and society to be separated. For policing to work we need those policemen who break the law or use too much force to meet the appropriate consequences in order to keep them trusted.
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    Obviously, you make a great deal of sense. However, when that is posted after this stupid comment:

    which ignores Mens Rea and misstates statistics , your logic loses some of its power. Do paper deliverers deserve to be shot for delivering papers? Of course not. That pisses everyone off, but accidents happen. Should we criminalize accidents and use the accident to label everyone engaged in police activity "bad bananas"? If so, please avoid all car wreck accidents because you're going to be labeled a bad banana by the unthinking, and then going to jail should you be involved in one.
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    Don't conflate Monahorns with LongestHorn. That's grossly unfair to Monahorns.
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    That would be grossly unfair and I would never do such a disservice to Monahorns.
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    Still going

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    Meanwhile, here in the US, I would bet 9/10 people have any inkling this is happening, why it is happening, or have even heard the term yellow vests.
    The "news" is too busy wondering if Melania has a body double, or if Beto waves his arms too much. (he does)
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    Several polls have Le Pen’s party leading in France. Could become a situation where the populist-nationalists lead in France, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, and Italy

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    They are back at it hard
    I didnt even realize it
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    Why would msm show French people protesting their fave Macron
    when they can show Iranian protestors and pretend the protests are against Trump?
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    Not Yellow Vests but Le France

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    Well good luck with that.
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    Macron?! Didn't expect that for him.
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    Still going, despite the risks

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