FSU punished; Bowden forced to forfeit games

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Laphroaig10, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Laphroaig10

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  2. LHB_SOB

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    HA! JoePa just gained two seasons worth of wins. With as old as these two guys are, that's huge.
  3. alxhorns

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    Jimbo Fischer is probably thinking why in the world did he agree to be the "head coach in waiting"
  4. coolhorn

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    Guess they've graduated from free shoes.
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  6. Bill in Sinton

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    Is it just me or what? It seems they are doing somehting about Florida State but what about the Oklahoma Big Red Incident with Bomar or the USC situation with Bush?
  7. RedRiverRocks

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    seem pretty pick and choose
  8. Bill in Sinton

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    Also how come USC and Oklahoma didn't have to forfeit games in their situations? Nothing came of that and I have doubts that Florida State will wind up forfeiting games. Also don't the other schools have the option to accept or refust the forfeit. ?
  9. Texas_Rocks

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    I don't think that the NCAA wants to screw with any of the BCS's recent champs. In my opinion, the relationship between the NCAA and the BCS is comparable to the one between Congress and Corporate America.
  10. Laphroaig10

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  11. cochamps

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    NCAA is toothless. Forfeiting games is nothing (except to Bowden). FSU fans don't care about that.
  12. NoleHorn

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    Lose of scholarships don't matter?
  13. cochamps

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    2? wow, that vicious punishment!
  14. hornpharmd

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  15. speedracer

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    Isn't JoePa currently in the lead?

    I don't care much about FSU one way or the other but I do want Paterno to stay in the books as the all time winningest D1 coach. Who he is, and what he has done for his school and the good side of college football has earned him the right to the top spot. I hope that once both have hung up their spurs that JoePa is in the lead even if the victories weren't vacated.
  16. cochamps

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    Joe Pa leads by only one.
  17. CanaTigers

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    Having thought for a few years that FSU was only letting Bowden hang around for the record. If upheld by NCAA I would think they would go ahead and cut ties now.
  18. RayDog

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    Shame they dont have to forefit that 18-16 robbery over Nebraska in the National Title game in 1993. That way when we beat NU in the 1996 Big 12 title game we would have blocked their four-peat. And I was there! We were 3 orange dots in a sea of red in the endzone that Lewis ran to. When we line up for the fourth down play, a Nebraska fan next to me said "surely he isnt really going to go for it?". I told her "not only will he go for it, that he really wants to throw it". When he got the first down her daughter dropped down in her seat and said 'well ****, they still haven't punted all day." (Actually we did punt once in the first half).

    Good times. [​IMG]
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    LOL. Where we have come from and gone to. Back in 96 we were like Texas Tech just hoping for a big upset against a national powerhouse in order to make our season. Now we are the national powerhouse who is everybody's superbowl.

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