G. Patterson

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by wadster, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    Whoever made the decision not to go after him 4 years ago... well I hate him. Assume that was the bad Patterson.
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  2. ViperHorn

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    Patterson is never going to leave Ft. Worth so not wasting time going after him is excusable.
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  3. Joe Fan

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  4. RainH2burntO

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    Is this what Quentin wanted?? A side "job"?
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  5. Joe Fan

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    They are, of course, blaming us for their problems

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  6. moondog_LFZ

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    Yea, Herman made a phone call from the way back machine, convincing them to self report over a year ago.
    Right. :rolleyes1:

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  7. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    Hopefully the dude was kidding. If not, well..... I can't say what I'm thinking on the internet.
  8. Mr. Fiesta

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    You'd be the only one....
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