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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by BurntOrange4ever, May 21, 2018.

  1. BurntOrange4ever

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    I am slated to make my Parking selection today and wanted some feedback. I have been in the Purple Checkered Garages over the last few years (4th yr Season Tix) and it looks like there are still Manor, Trinity and Brazos spaces available. Question, how are those garages for small tailgates and getting out after the games. Typically we get to the game a few hours early and do a small tailgate in the San Jac Purple Checkered Garage, usually finding a corner overlooking Scholz's. Appreciate it.
  2. PecosBill

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    Used to park at Trinity and found very little tailgates going on due to lack of space and exit can get crowded for the higher levels with two exits
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  3. BurntOrange4ever

    BurntOrange4ever 250+ Posts

    Appreciate it. Think I will stay with Purple Checkered, I know the good spots and Traffic Control has really kicked up their game lately on getting people out of the garage.

    LHABSOB 100+ Posts

    I made the same decision as you. Instead of moving to another garage at higher cost with no better options for tailgates. I stuck with Purple Check.

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