Games missed due to injuries ?

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  1. 22Horn

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    Does anyone have a breakdown of which games UT players missed due to injuries? Primarily players from 1st and 2nd on depth chart!

    A friend says Texas players did not miss many games due to injuries but I know there was a string of games missed by many players.
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    Not going to do the research but your friend is wrong. Not did many miss games but many played when they probably should not have due to injury - particularly BJ.
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  3. envgeo

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    I counted and against TCU, I think we were without 6 in the secondary.
  4. AC

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    I know 14 starters missed 2 games + throughout the season but IDK how many in any one game.
  5. Joe Fan

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    Texas freshman who participated in 5 or more games
    -Marcus Washington
    -Jared Wiley
    -Chris Adimora
    -Roschon Johnson
    -Tyler Owens
    -Jake Smith
    -T'Vondre Sweat

    Texas freshmen who reached the 4-game redshirt participation ceiling in the regular season. If they play in the bowl game, they will not be able to use this year as a redshirt year
    -David Gbenda
    -Marcus Tillman
    -Kenyatta Watson
    Other Texas freshman who participated in fewer than 4 games
    -Marques Caldwell (TTU)
    -Kennedy Lewis (Rice, OK St)
    -Brayden Liebrock (Rice, TTU)
    -Jordan Whittington (La Tech)
    Texas freshmen that did not see the field this year
    -Derrian Brown
    -De'Gabriel Floyd
    -Isaiah Hookfin
    -Tyler Johnson
    -Peter Mpagi
    -Myron Warren

    Non-freshmen who maintained a redshirt this regular season by participating in 4 or fewer games
    -D'Andre Christmas Giles (Rice)
    -Joshua Moore
    -Josh Thompson (La Tech, LSU, Rice, OK St)
    -Gerald Wilbon (LSU, Rice, OU)
    -Willie Tyler
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  6. Statalyzer

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    Missing multiple games this year off the top of my head:

    Jordan Whittington
    Collin Johnson
    Brandon Foster
    Caden Sterns
    Anthony Cook
    Cade Brewer
    Chris Brown
    Demarvion Overshown
    Jeffrey McCulloch
    Jalen Green
  7. AC

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    Josh Thompson
    Brandon Jones
    Junior Angelue
    Zach Shackelford
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  8. BevoJoe

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    The injury plague hit us hard this year. Downside, it may have been a contributing cause of some of the losses. Upside, freshmen received playing time without losing their red shirt status. I'd would rather have had fewer losses.
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  9. 22Horn

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    for me to prove this to my friend, I will need to review depth chart at start of season then go through each game stats to make my point of player injuries per position.
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  10. hornde68

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    22 Horn, I can only partially answer your question owing to confidentiality. I'll ask about saying more. You are right, I did the quick math when I responded to the rantings. After some happy hour time. There are 528 P/Q in 12 games. The data I had was before TTU. With off the top math.
    A trainer from the past is doing consulting regarding new metrics of player exertion. That is to account for the true, full out sprint time that each position expends in a 15 minute quarter. We want to quantify the anaerobic explosive energy by position. DL is much different than Cornerback. Linemen are different from WR. WR are different on the play side from the off-play side. Etc.
    These results will alter training regimen by position. We all talk about 40 yard sprint times and almost nobody ever does one in a game. This data drove the wishbone in an odd way. UT was the only school with computer timing for 3 yard bursts and discovered the fastest player on 3 yds was our FB. Hence, we set him forward a yd from conventional alignment at the time.
    The stats that are mentioned involve film study and partial quarters played. Rounded in many cases to half quarters. The numbers are there, how to prove them is for internal use.
    Unfortunately, not much use in friendly argument settling. For that matter, by the 6th game, a freshman who has started the first 5 is more experienced than a second string Junior or senior. Those experience factors are subjective and not public. The injury levels of 2019 were monumental. What nobody can see, including the film forensic, is the players going at 50-75% due to pulled muscles or unable to wrap-up tackles owing to shoulders. There were dozens of those that are completely unreported outside Belmont.
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  12. Statalyzer

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    It's really silly they don't do them on football turf in full gear. And for some positions, once in full sprint and once with two hands on the ball the whole time.
  13. Handler

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    Ryan Bujcevski

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