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    Good article from Horns Digest, worth the read to see how GJ made his way to D-1 football. He could be a big contributor this year, I'm rooting for him big time.



    2017 Texas linebacker signee Gary Johnson still remembers the comments from his peers, who mocked him for having no options other than playing junior college football.

    The jokes made at his expense and judgment spewed by his classmates boiled down to one thing: A lack of effort in Johnson’s responsibilities away from the field.

    “My grades were horrible,” he said. “I wouldn’t have recruited me if I were a coach.”

    Decisions he made in the classroom plagued Gary Johnson’s future goals, and forced the talented linebacker to make the ultimate decision.

    Walk away from the game he loved so dearly, or fight to continue the pursuit of his lifelong dream of playing football.

    He chose the latter.

    “I made a choice in the classroom and it came back to haunt me,” Johnson told “That’s why I had to go to junior college, especially if I wanted to play football.”

    The years that followed his decision were far from a cakewalk, and made the negative comments from his peers sound more and more like love letters with each passing day. Johnson would quickly learn it would take some serious maturity to achieve his dream and make it out on the other side on junior college.

    Through every punch thrown his way, Johnson remained determined on creating for himself a better future.
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    Thanks Mud, hadn't realized that about playing Juco.
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    Good story and love Gary's decisions and determination. A lot to be learned from this young man. Hook'em!
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    Man! Great read!

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