Genocide in West Virginia

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Htown77, Jan 20, 2020.

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    It's a good thing I was traveling on business and didn't get to see it. Kept me from anger and sickness. C'mom CDC let's take care of this.
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    Losing is one thing. Getting humiliated is something else. We are not good.

    Meanwhile, that sports Titan of the North, that kicked our *** in football …. Baylor, is now Number 1 in the Nation in men's bball and #2 in women's bball! How can that be? I guess it proves that money doesn't guarantee success. You have to have an AD that knows what they're doing. Hopefully, we now have that.
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    Is this Shaka's Route 66?

    I'm thinking so.
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    Yeah, what the Yahoo article said.

    He has over-thought every decision he ever made at Texas. It started out with a big *womp womp* by trying to adapt his coaching style to the team he inherited. You can do that if you're Coach K, but you can't do that if you don't know how.

    His recruiting has paled in comparison to the rest of the conference, let alone the nation. His biggest hits in the recruiting trail were Barnes-style guys. Allen, Bamba, etc. They weren't what he was doing at VCU, and that makes him immediately fireable for selling us a bill of goods.

    9 turnovers by the bigs yesterday? Seriously... what the actual ****? I understand Coleman throwing it away when he's trying to make something happen, but the bigs have to be friggin' dunces in order for this to be our reality. Baker is obviously still hobbled by whatever was plaguing him last year, and so why bother playing him?
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    I could argue that it's worse. Football is a "swingier" game with much less granularity than basketball and a few turnovers can create a cascade effect since each one could turn the game by up to 14 points. You can recover from something like that in basketball much better than in football.

    That game where Paulino answered Pittsnogle's 3 with a 3 of his own at the buzzer is still one of my favorites. They weren't expecting us to run back up the court without calling timeout.
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    Baylor has been run by former basketball players for over thirty years. How do you think Sloan got to be President?
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    and to think that the issues associated with the football program pale in comparison to the murder in the basketball program.
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    Not so, Viper. They covered up the football death with money and cremation in less than 24 hours. Hard to autopsy a cremated body. Not sure how many laws that might violate, but what the hell, it's Mclennan County and nobody was talking.
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    I estimate Shaka Smart will have made between $26-29 million at UT in his career.

    @SabreHorn in total career earnings by any coach at UT (without adjusting for inflation)... Shaka has to be no lower than 4th, right? He may actually be ahead of Barnes in 3rd depending on what Barnes was making from 1998-2010.

    1. Mack Brown
    2. Tom Herman
    3. Shaka Smart or Rick Barnes?
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    Yep! There is no spark in this team, wasn't any last year or for a couple of years either. I know Shaka has a 3 or so more years on his K, but this might be time to pay the man and go after a new (and better) coach.
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    Shakacide, Shaka Kahn, Shaka Kahn, Shaka Con-man
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  14. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I know stats are for losers so take these statistical rankings with a grain of salt because obviously we're much better than this:

    Points Scored 313th
    Points Per Game 305th
    FG% 194th
    FT% 321st
    3-point % 158th
    Rebounding 297th
    Assists 123rd
    Turnovers 183rd
    Assist/Turnover Ratio 128th
    Blocked Shots 40th

    Outside of blocked shots, our highest ranked team statistic is 123rd. How freaking pathetic.
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  15. old65horn

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    Wow, I knew it was bad, but that is pathetic. What was the source fror that clip?
  16. BevoJoe

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    I can't even watch this team anymore. This video points out one of the many issues with our coach and his style of play. We won't win with these types of terrible strategies and play. No NCAA tournament appearance this year, doubt we win one game in the conference tourney, and pretty much any team with half-assed effort will knock us out of the NIT, that is IF the Horns make it to the NIT. Pathetic. CDC needs to look at the revenue generated and determine how much $$$ our Athletic Dept is losing by keeping this schmuck on the payroll. We seem to have talent, but it is put in lousey position by the coaches. Time for a post-season heart to heart with Shaka and (hopefully) send him packing.
  17. BevoJoe

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    Shaka Kan't
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  18. utempire

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    I saw a lot of this type of offense with Barnes too after TJ Ford left which baffled me. It just doesn't make sense that all 5 players stand around behind the 3 point line. I'm usually not for making a change mid season but why not? Also looking at our stat rankings, this is just unacceptable.
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  19. Horns11

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    Worse than the PTSD the team inherited from these beatings in conference play: we don't have a single recruit for this or any other year. No verbals even among HS sophomores or juniors. Shaka has ruined this program for at least the next 4-5 years, if not longer. No one wants to come here, even with the new arena.

    At least with Barnes, we knew someone would show up who wanted to be a one-and-done, which would inevitably bring some 3-star types with him. Shaka thought he could also go that route when he arrived. He's just not a good coach.
  20. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Lot's of talent in the state and Shaka is more worried about luring kids from the east coast. When he got here it was cool to come to Texas, but he's screwed that up.

    Below is where the ESPN top 100 players from Texas are going. We have offered TWO of the six in state players on the ESPN Top 100 list for 2021. Why is this loser still our head coach?

    Cade Cunningham
    Video | Scouts Report
    PG Arlington, TX
    Montverde Academy 6'7'' 215 97

    Micah Peavy
    Video | Scouts Report
    SF Houston, TX
    Duncanville High School 6'7'' 195 88

    L.J. Cryer
    Video | Scouts Report
    PG Katy, TX
    Morton Ranch High School 5'10'' 170 83

    Tramon Mark
    Video | Scouts Report
    SF Dickinson, TX
    Dickinson High School 6'6'' 180 83
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  21. old65horn

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    During the Kansas game near the end, the final TO showed Smart's setting up the strategy for the final 3 minutes of the game. Smart's plan to win the game: "Play hard, you are better then they are".

    There is not one person on this board or at the game could have that plan to win the game. I would give it for less than 10 mil for the next 3 years. Thank you for whoever stuck us with Smart and Strong.
  22. Horns11

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    I think some of the non BMD types who work for the university or athletics department are just hoping that Smart messes up so they can fire him for cause. Wouldn't be surprised if there are private investigators following him around trying to listen to his phone calls and taking pics.
  23. SabreHorn

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    Make no mistake, these are the Legacy of Billie Powers with negotiating help from Stevie Patterson.
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  24. Htown77

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    Rick Barnes' weakness was and still is offense. That said, while I saw him run bad isolation plays before, I cannot say I ever saw him run a "all 5 players stand beyond the 3 point arch and throw up a contested 3" offense.

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