Georgia @ Texas A&M clock snafu

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Statalyzer, Jan 22, 2017.

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    Anybody see that? Georgia had the ball down 1 with about 8 seconds to go, and their guy gets fouled with 5.6 seconds on the clock after a possession that clearly took more than 2.4 seconds. Turns out the clock inexplicably stopped at 5.6 seconds. Apparently the game clock showing above the baskets - that the players use to decide what decisions they will make based on the amount time remaining - is irrelevant. The official found that more than it was more 5.6 seconds between the clock freeze and the foul, so the game is over and Texas A&M wins. The entire possession should have been replayed - or at the very least, Georgia should have been inbounding with 5.6 seconds left. If the rulebook really says to let that stand, the rulebook is crap.

    I doubt A&M did this on purpose - if you're a crooked clock operator, you wouldn't pause the clock, you'd skip it forward or start it early, or "accidentally" hit the buzzer at the wrong time, or something like that. But players make decisions based on what the digital clock and scoreboard say, and if those are wrong, the results of those decisions should not stand. Let's say instead a clock operator started the clock 4 seconds early (when the inbounder receives the ball and before he throws it in a player touches it). A Georgia player then sees 1.0 on the clock when it should be 5.0, and throws up a hasty off-balance prayer and A&M gets the rebound as "time expires". Reviewing that, would the refs just say "Oops, time didn't expire. The shot and rebound still count and A&M has the ball with 3.2 seconds left."?
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    A new twist on time running out in Collie Station.
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    Didn't a similar thing happen at Allen Fieldhouse yesterday, 1st period?

    I think it's Putin experimenting with a high altitude EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon to just toy with us. First, basketball games, next screwing up pizza deliveries.

    Never trust a Russkie. :idk:
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    Take it to the West Mall !!!
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