Golson out at Notre Dame

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    Stats that make you go, "Hummmm."

    Everett Golson:
    • threw 14 picks last year, had 8 fumbles and 4 pick-sixes;
    • threw 41 career TDs with 20 INTs;
    • was sacked 27 times last year, same as Swoopes;
    • had a 2.5 rushing avg on 114 attempts while Swoopes had a 2.4 on 108 attempts;
    • is listed at 6-1 / 200 - Heard is listed at 6-2 / 200.
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    But what?
  3. WorsterMan

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    Thank you for pointing that out Sabre. Evidently there is more to the story on Golson. I will defer to CS on the best decision for the team.
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    Golson: 256-427 (60%), 3,445 yards, 8.1 ypa, 29 TD / 14 INT, 283 rush yds, 8 TD's (144 QBR)
    Swoopes: 224-384 (58%), 2,409 yards, 5.7 ypa, 13 TD / 11 INT, 262 rush yds, 4 TD's (117 QBR)
    Heard: N/A

    Or how about this if you want to compare 1st year starting numbers...

    2012 Golson: 187-318 (59%), 2,405 yds, 7.6 ypa, 12 TD / 6 INT, 298 rush yds, 6 TD's (131 QBR)
    Swoopes: 224-384 (58%), 2,409 yards, 5.7 ypa, 13 TD / 11 INT, 262 rush yds, 4 TD's (117 QBR)

    Nah, let's pass on the most experienced one of the three with superior performance numbers in every QB category from 2014. And better numbers minus 4 yards and 1 TD passing in their first season. Which of course are negated by a much higher efficiency in yards per attempt, and also 5 less INT's.

    Sure, our QB's will be just fine, it was just the team around them that made Swoopes implode. Let's bet another season on it instead of adding a proven option to what we already have.

    This is football, not wishful thinking, the proof is in the numbers. Skew them however (efficiency and QBR are the best equalizers), but when the numbers dust settles, you are what you are.

    Kelly cast-off or not, Golson IS the best option if all 3 are on the Texas practice field. Notre Dame isn't Texas, they finished 8-5, we finished 6-7. Their cast-off in this case is better than our leading man. Even some back-ups around the country could steal our job.

    None of us have seen Heard on real Saturdays yet, but apparently the coaches have seen enough to still favor Swoopes, who's ceiling is lower than Golson's current one. Go get him, CS. It's living in denial to believe we couldn't use him.

    No one is saying hand him the starting job, just to let a proven player compete for it and increase our depth whomever wins.
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    Regardless of the character questions and performance questions, I just see Golson as a quick fix and I think Strong will go with his younger guys to build for the future. At least that's what I hope happens.
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    I kind of suspect the grades issue may make this a moot point. If he can't get his grades up (or if CS sees him as a likely grades casualty), I don't think he'd go for him.

    Would Golson help? Yeah probably, at the very least by adding another body and some experience to help push Swoopes and/or Heard. Would he win the job? Who knows - the Golson who played the first half of last year was pretty good. The one afterward, not so much.
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    Well to be graduating, scratch being a problem student. Whether it was cheating or bad grades he overcame. Charlie while he casts off kids, he gives them chances, quite obvious some of you don't pay attention.

    If the kid played at ND or for Kelly is not an issue, if he can help us win this year, let's give the kid a shot. If we don't, he would look really good in Sooner red, their qb situation is similar to ours......in my opinion.
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    Maybe I am missing something, but isn't the reason Golson is no longer a student at ND because he is has completed his class requirementsvand is graduating? Please advise if incorrect.
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    Yes, graduating. Link wouldn't paste but you will find 20 links that substantiate ths if you Google Golson.
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    Apparently ND won't let him come to Texas.
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    If he's graduating, can they stop him?
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    OK, then I think we can move on and forget about Golson as any kind of QB option.
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    This is an area Strong needs to reconsider. Yes, it's the right thing not to restrict playing options for transfers. But this isn't the boy scouts, it's about winning football games within the rules. Restricting is within the rules.

    Very few major programs allow unrestricted transfers. By us doing it, and few others, sooner or later it'll be a disadvantage. We don't need anymore of those since our strict core values already causes setbacks most others don't have.

    Then again, we've yet to see a potential game changing player leave our program, so not sure how Strong would handle that situation. Maybe he would restrict someone who really could threaten us the following season.
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    I'm proud of The University for any number of things and this is one of them. Just because other schools screw with their transferee's options is no reason for Texas to swim in that cesspool. JMHO
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    I also felt it was the right thing to do for Mack to tell recruits not to commit to us if they were gonna still look around. Regardless of it being right or wrong, it would have destroyed us in recruiting if that policy was now in place. The rest of the country dictated that being a non-option to stay competitive.

    I'm not firmly against Strong allowing unrestricted transfers at the moment. As it's not that much of a threat with our relatively lean roster of star players. No one has left us yet that we feel could possible change a game to beat us.

    If a highly talented, productive starting QB a few years from now wanted to leave here for our upcoming week 1 opponent who was lean at QB, I think some might reconsider.
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    All the transfer restriction on the athletes while the multimillion dollar guys can move around all they want is BS and always has been. The "pay the players" crowd should start with addressing some other inequitable things first, such as blocking the players from transferring schools like normal students can.
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    I agree. Then tell coaches they can only transfer to Sub FBS schools (aka Div. 2 or 3) and not in the top league for at least a year unless they want to sit out. No moving to another job especially if under contract until the end of the contract terms if the coach makes the choice to go. You'll see shorter contracts or coaches living up to the contract.
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    He must like seafood.
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    and boiled peanuts!
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