Good bye to the Murph

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    I got to attend three Holiday Bowls at the Murph including the thrilling 47-43 win over Washington and always enjoyed visiting San Diego and taking the train out to the stadium. From going out to Point Loma, to the zoo, to Coronado Island and the waterfront, San Diego was always about the perfect spot for a post-Christmas bowl trip. If I had the money to afford to live there San Diego is pretty much heaven (or a whales.....).

    San Diegans left feeling sad as 'The Murph' comes down
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    I spent 8 years there during my years in Uncle Sam's canoe club. The population has doubled plus some since I was first stationed there, but I still go back yearly. The Murph holds some great memories for me. I was there several times in the late 70s to see Dave Winfield and then later for Tony Gwinn. A couple of years ago we went back to see U2's show there.
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    I went out to Pendleton and MCRD a couple of years ago. I hadn’t been to SD for many years, and was surprised at how much the place had grown.
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    Sad. And sad that the Chargers left for LA, where they will always play second fiddle.
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    Third behind the Rams and USC.

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