Good sports podcasts?

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by halsteadfrost, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. halsteadfrost

    halsteadfrost 1,000+ Posts

    Anyone have some recommendations for good sports related podcasts? I've tried the 'Solid Verbal' podcast which focuses on college football, but they hardly ever talk about anything other than midwest and Pac10 match-ups, and honestly the guys aren't that knowledgeable/entertaining regardless.

    So I'm coming to you guys for recs. (I do listen to the Sports Guy podcast, and watch PTI on TV)

  2. Fievel121

    Fievel121 2,500+ Posts has pretty good 30 minute podcast. It's towards the bottom in the center of the College page under "Media"
  3. halsteadfrost

    halsteadfrost 1,000+ Posts

    Thanks for the tip on ESPNU. Much better discussion than that other podcast.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. txtxyeha

    txtxyeha 250+ Posts

    The Dan Patrick Show (all three hours), or
    The Best of Dan Patrick Show (one hour)
    ESPN Radio: Best of Mike and Mike (30" each day)
    Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (about once a month, delayed about a month)
    Talkin Cowboys (about one hour each day - too much for my tastes)
  5. Cap33

    Cap33 100+ Posts

    Tony Kornheiser is back on the radio in DC. You can download the podcasts later the same day.

    It's not pure sports, but if you liked his other shows, this one is no different. Mr. Tony is not for everyone, but I enjoy him.
  6. txtxyeha

    txtxyeha 250+ Posts

    Mr. Tony and Dan Patrick, like Don Imus before them, succeed in this format because they get interesting guests. Their ego-maniacal personalities get tiresome at times, but you just have to remember they're just kidding. DP doesn't take himself too seriously, while Mr. Tony acts like he doesn't take himself too seriously though he does. Nonetheless, I look forward to downloading Mr. Tony.
  7. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    I used to listen to Mr. Tony in D.C. before the national stuff. His bouts with Wilbon was legendary. "Andy Poli", and other memories. I loved when they would ban somebody from the show if they asked how they were doing. His retort was that of course he was okay or he would not be there and would have a guest host.

    Steve Czaban is greatness too.
  8. Djibouti, Djibouti

    Djibouti, Djibouti 100+ Posts

    I like the podcast of the scott van pelt show on additionally, the fantasy football podcast is particularly helps if you play ffb.
  9. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    Inside Texas has a great podcast about UT sports. Free.
  10. TexonLongIsland

    TexonLongIsland 2,500+ Posts

    if you are interested in english/european soccer with that english dry sense of humor:

    the football ramble - once a week about an hour long
    football weekly from The Guardian newspaper - twice a week about 30-40 minutes long

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