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    ESPN 1530 is going FM, baby!!! Erin Hogan just announced that, come Monday, the station will be on 104.9FM. It's only Longhorn games for me on 1300 now. 1300 is about to bite the bullet for all things non-Horn. Shame on you 1300 for blowing up what used to be the best sports station in Austin. Now, if they can get Bucky to make the move! And I really enjoy Jon Madani as well on 1300.

    Now, I don't have to worry about not picking up either sports radio station outside of Austin. This is going to be cool. I'm setting my car radio dial now.
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    And I beat Dewbrewer to the punch. [​IMG]
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    You type fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Wasn't it Chad announcing that? [​IMG]
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    But, if this happens, you'll miss the countless times AJ spends salivating over MMA and discussing how not to get out-Whataburgered. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    No, they had Erin on to make the official announcement. This is big time. I have to give Erin a lot of credit. He's had a lot of dreams and motivation to make ESPN 1530 viable and to become the best sports station in Austin. 1300 could have had him as their PD, but no, they decided to go that other route that basically set forward the tailspin that they're currently in.
  7. Texas___Fight

    Texas___Fight 2,500+ Posts I won't have to stream them at work. [​IMG]
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    Must have caught the tail end of the announcement after Erin went off the air. Very cool. Erin does work very hard.
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    Just heard it!! This is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! ESPN radio in Austin is further proving its superiority over that snooze fest of sports talk radio on 1300!!!!

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    That's great for you guys! It's all dead to me though. I listen to Steve Czaban then Dan Patrick. That's it. Anything important will make its way to the board or somebody will text or email me.

    I even listen to the broadcasts of the game if need be on XM Satellite radio. I don't even have my alarm set to The Zone any longer. But I am stoked for you guys that still listen to the local stuff and very happy you don't have to deal with bad signals or 1300. I agree from talking to people today that a massive chunk of their listeners will be gone and it will heavily impact them.

    I hope that Bucky and Jacob Dettimer (spell that right?) make the move and go on to success too. John Modani is a good guy with a terrible crew on a sinking ship.
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    Effective when?
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    If you didn't already say your goodbyes a year're a little late [​IMG]
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    I'll still listen to Craig's show, just because it's him and he knows more about sports and UT athletics than anyone else. But that's it.
  15. sinless1

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    No one said they're going off the air...
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  18. Pitter09

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    Words cannot express how awful AJ of 1300 is.
  19. l00p

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    For our entertainment, please try.
  20. 2003TexasGrad

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    I for one want to hear more about Martha's bridge playing exploits.
  21. UTEE

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    Heath Blizzards are my favorite, but I sometimes go with the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
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    Is anyone using 104.9 right now? I tried it on my drive to work (I live and work in Temple) and could barely hear anything. I can get 1530 pretty good once the sun is over the horizon and before it sets, but of course, after sundown the power is drastically cut because of the radio treaty with Mexico.

    How I wish the Horns had a clear channel station ... sigh ...

    If I can't get the FM, and if they DO drop the AM, then I am stuck with either 1300 or 1660 ESPN in Waco. And I cannot handle that much John Morris and the Baylor Bears.
  23. Lat22

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    I have to say goodbye to 1300 everytime I venture south of Ben White.
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    As soon as they announced that yesterday I was at New Hope and 183 in Cedar Park so I decided to set my button to 104.9. It came in loud and clear for me.

    Now they need to go after all of the Longhorn broadcasts.
    I would love to be able to listen to UT baseball and Longhorn Sportsline at my house.

    No chance of that with 1300's signal.
  25. taco

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    another nail in the coffin of 1300.

    what a disaster that station is.

    Congrats to Erin for doing a great job at 1530, that is all I listen to since he moved. His morning show with Dan Neil is good, Chip and Sean in the afternoon as well.

    I'm sure next time the Longhorn contract is up they will be getting it.
  26. RayDog

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    When is the contract up?
  27. South Austin

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    When I first moved back to Austin in 2003 Bucky Godbolt irritated the heck out of me, but now I love him and I miss his pairing with E Hogan.

    Any idea if there is the possibility of Bucky switching over to ESPN, or is he entrenched at 1300?
  28. Heretic Horn

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    AJ seems to be getting more intentionally abrasive. I've got no problem with him not being a homer, in fact I find it more interesting as a listener theoretrically, but being the polar opposite of homer is abrasive a-hole. We get it - you don't like Vince Young, you think the Big 12's overrated, and the SEC is golden. Now what? AJ will make a fine radio host in SEC country one day, maybe sooner than you think.
  29. Lone_Star

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    South Austin, Bucky is only entrenched with KVET 98.1FM right now. They will have Bucky on 1300 for Longhorn pre and post-game round table discussions from time to time, but that's about it. He doesn't even have his 1 hour timeslot at 10AM anymore. I hope that they can get him and Madani over there. I also kind of like Rod Babers. But, please no, do not try to bring over Ahmad Brooks.

    4th&5, I know that 1300AM is not going away anytime soon since they are the home of Longhorn sports, but this may indeed be a crushing blow to 1300's future survival. Do you not think that ESPN and Erin won't go after the rights for Longhorn broadcasts when the contract is up for renewal? They have quite the ace in the hole as of this upcoming Monday. As so many have previoulsly complained about, you can't pick up 1300 outside of Austin (heck, even in some spots of Austin) after the sun has gone down. If they're successful with that, 1300 will definitely be no more as we currently know it.

    This is clearly the fault of the mismanagement of what was then the best sports radio station in Austin. I think they did not have total respect for all of the talent that they had at the time, and I also think that they didn't once view the fledgling new ESPN sports station as a true and viable threat to their market superiority. ESPN 1260 was dying from lack of interest and 1300 didn't put their foot on its throat when it had the chance. Instead, they decided to shake everything up and let a majority ot its talent go to bring in some "hot shots" that were never really that much liked and cared for in their previous stints elsewhere. And here we are today!
  30. Lone_Star

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    Oh, and as of this Monday, Erin and Dan Neil are to be on at 6AM. So, there goes 1300's advantage of having the earlier morning show start. I think that I also heard that Sean and Chip are going to be on beginning at 1PM, instead of its current 2 o'clock start. So, ESPN will actually get a jump on 1300 for their afternoon programming.

    Anyone think that Erin and ESPN are out for 1300's blood right now? I'm sure that this is all just business, but you have to think that Erin is enjoying putting the screws to his old employer since they screwed him over so badly awhile back.

    All I have to say is that 1300 HAS to step up their game right now. This, of course, is better for all of us listeners in the long run.

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