Got Call of Duty 4 for Christmas

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by mandingo, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. mandingo

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    One word:


    Now, more words:

    This is easily the best, most intense, involving, realistic and photorealistic video game I've ever seen. Unbelievable. It's not even close. Great story, too.

    I'm a huge fan of the Halo series, at least the first two, and now I feel like Halo was just prep school for COD4.

    Simply fantastic.
  2. crackamacgowski

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    Awesome game, although if you don't have the balls to go through it on veteran you're going to beat it in an hour. The story is really, really good and I was bummed to have it end. Multiplayer is fun ****, too.
  3. wild_turkey

    wild_turkey 250+ Posts

    I'm addicted to online multiplayer. This game is easily the best fps I've ever played.
  4. Lat22

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  5. GatorDave

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    I too got it for Christmas. I'm afraid to open it for fear of never leaving the house again.
  6. longhrnfan

    longhrnfan 500+ Posts

    It is spectacular... I completely abandoned halo.
  7. Holden

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    It's good. I suck. So, I played it on easy - it was too easy as someone above noted. The game is short.
  8. GatorDave

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  9. crackamacgowski

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  10. wild_turkey

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    I didn't notice the single player being too short and I played it on the next to hardest difficulty. I only played 3-4 hours a week, but maybe I just suck and it took me longer than the average person. I've gotten pretty good at the online multiplayer though, which is easily the best part of the game. I've had it since the day it was released, and I'm finally to the point that I can achieve more kills than deaths in online play.

    btw, I have it on PS3 and wouldn't mind playing with some of you other guys. Maybe we should all exchange user names and add to our friend lists.
  11. tex-horn

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    I got this game for Christmas too. It absolutely blows the crap outta Halo and I've been playing that for years. Multiplayer is addicting as hell.

    EDIT: I'll take you up on that offer. I'm bld44 on CoD4 PS3.
  12. wild_turkey

    wild_turkey 250+ Posts

    I'm legends_xx on PS3.

    I don't currently have anyone on my friends list, but I'll add whoever posts their name and then just send a game invite (assuming I can figure out how) whenever I'm online.
  13. hornian

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    I'm "hornian" on PS3
  14. VoodooChi|d

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    I don't have CoD4 on PS3, but I do have Motorstorm and Warhawk.

    PSN: MustangGT281ci
  15. HornsOverIthaca

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    I'm thinking about getting it. I would have it already but the single player being so short has caused me to avoid it.
  16. Tyler Durden

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  17. tex-horn

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  18. mdmost

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    I got it for $38 at Best Buy yesterday. They are running a special on it. Haven't had a chance to play it yet.
  19. crackamacgowski

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  20. gcsmithiv

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    I've got a copy that I only played for a few days until I beat it. I had to sell the PS3 (it was taking up too much time) so I'll sell it for $25 to anyone in Austin. PM me if anybody wants it.
  21. l00p

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  22. HornzUp

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    this game is amazing... i flew through the single player in about 3 days but multiplayer has been amazing. Im on 360 and my live name is HornzUp if anyone wants to get a game going.
  23. Natron

    Natron 25+ Posts

    I love all you guys that got it for xmas and are just now getting on Xbox Live. Good to beat up on all the lvl 1-10 guys.

    Gamertag: Natron74
    Clan Tag: UTEX
  24. travo

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    Is there something you have to do before you can play multiplayer online? I keep trying to play online, I tell it to find a game (I've tried both team and free for all) but it ends up just being me sitting their in a room by myself while it says waiting for others to join but no one ever does. I have no interest in playing the single player mode I bought it for the online play.
  25. someone

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    "Is there something you have to do before you can play multiplayer online?"

    It's been really slow getting into games the past week due to all the new players. When it puts you in a room by yourself I usually leave and then try again. It may take 4 or 5 tries but eventually you'll get into a game.
  26. wild_turkey

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  27. travo

    travo < 25 Posts

    I'm on PS3, I think the problem might be what you said about matching players on skill level. I'll keep trying.
  28. HookemDanno

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    I also got CoD4 and a new PS3 for say that this game rocks undersells it.

    This is the VY of video games. Needless to say, the wife is seriously regretting giving me this.

    I'm just getting my feet wet in multiplayer but would love to play with some of y'all.

    My PSN: HookemDanno

    Good luck and "stay frosty!"

    [​IMG] Danno
  29. Chico_SA

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    CHICO_sa on PS3

    go figure
  30. Turd of Doom

    Turd of Doom 250+ Posts

    Why don't more people own the 360?

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