Government telling kids what to eat

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by general35, Feb 15, 2012.

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    The food police at a North Carolina preschool confiscated a youngsters healthy lunch of a turkey sandwhich on whole wheat, chips, banana and apple juice for chicken nuggets. Government regulations and mindless beaurocrats telling kids what they should eat based upon rediculous guidelines. They also sent this kid home with a bill for the chicken nuggets. sieg heil....sieg heil....
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    Pretty messed up.
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    I know that my kids' school outlawed moms from bringing homemade cupcakes to school for the kids birthdays. You could bring prepackaged garbage but not homemade

    Oh and nothing red could be brought in during December. So dumb.
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    There has to be more to this story. News will eventually come out that she dropped her lunch from home or something so they made her get a school lunch.
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    If this is true, then they did the wrong thing.

    However, a UK-based article citing anonymous sources for a minor school-parent dispute in North Carolina doesn't give me confidence that this is everything to the story. Whenever I see stories in which there is no possible justification for someone's actions, I question whether the story is complete.
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    Oh and nothing red could be brought in during December. So dumb.

    Why nothing red?
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    Bringing a red treat in December has an implication of the Christian Christmas holiday and that is a HUGE no no in PC World.
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    Local Link

    There's no way any government official should be allowed to take such measures, yet they are mandated to.
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    Just another reason why you make government smaller and make that bureaucrat available to industry.
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    The principal was on tv saying that the abscence of milk prompted a teacher to dend the child into line get a milk, but that there was a miscommunication. Whatever, only the dairy industry thinks every meal should have milk.
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    Where is the outcry for this poorly written article? She only provides a statement from the mom and does not give the viewpoint or statement from the otherside (school).

    I agree there must be more to the story and would rather have read an article that provide that extra substance.
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    Isn't it great when a misunderstanding between a four-year-old and a pre-school teacher becomes international news with pundits weighing in like it's the fulcrum point for the future of the world.
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    the most shocking part of the story for me is how a government bureaucrat who's function is to determine nutrition thought that a processed, fried, formed mass of chicken parts was more healthy than a turkey sandwhich on wheat bread with a banana and some apple juice. if the school had made the kid buy a salad, an apple and a lean piece of protein I might be able to understand but this is kind of like us all being able to look up and see the sky is blue but the government is saying no, its red.
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    From the link in the op:

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    The point is that a teacher is inspecting a kids lunch. WTF, I dare you to inspect my kids lunch!!! I would go civil lawsuit all over this teacher, school district, state, Department of Education. If my kid does not bring anything illegal to school stay the f**k out of his ****.

    What I feed my kid is my business, I do NOT want the Village raising my kids.
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    No kidding. "The village" is messed up.
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    Roma and others who want to act like this is not a big deal:

    The very fact that there is a dispute over this at all shows the stupidity of it. That there are national regulations lording over what parents pack in their kids' lunchbox that can be misinterpreted by idiot school workers just continues to prove Ron Paul right that big government just ends up screwing things up.

    When we try to regulate things on a National level, to this extent no less, it creates more bureaucracy, more spending, and more waste from lawsuits and civil unrest.

    This country was not founded on the government regulation our lunchboxes. It was founded on freedom from government lording over us. This whole story is stupid.

    Just another reason why I cannot vote for any other idiot up there running for office. Less government. Less regulations.

    When I was a kid, we didnt have any of these problems. Moms brought capri suns and snacks to my classroom several times throughout the year, and no one died, no one got into trouble. Parents had responsibility over their kids. If a kid was allergic, the parent was on top of it.
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    So "the government" seems not to be in agreement with the hysteria-causing crime of some local cafeteria worker.

    As Crockett wrote above, this is a local story being disingenuously raised to national relevance to fit the default opinions of those who like a daily dose of outrage whether it is warranted or not.

    people are not perfect. the outrage is that there is another subjective regulation in place being forced by an imperfect person. this is the problem. regardless of what the kid had for lunch, it still does not account for what the kid is eating at home. a nutritional plan is based upon a days worth of food. who gives a **** if the kid didnt get all of the food groups. maybe he is getting his grain or protein during breakfast or dinner. it isnt the governments business and should not be their concern. if there is a concern, that is what a parent/teacher conference is for. this is the same government that has a hands off policy on the regulation of high fructose corn syrup, a product which is in most processed foods and can be categorized as a poison. the japanese live off a high carb diet, many europeans live off a high fat diet, we live off a high protein diet. these regulations are stupid.
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    Honestly, we are asking the same questions.

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