Grading the Team's Performance (Week 1)

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Hpslugga, Sep 1, 2013.

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    As usual, thanks for concisely clearing that up, Slugga.
    Never a man of few words and quick to use a dollar word when a dime sized word would work. Shows superior intelligence. I sir have been humbled by your dissertation. But I ain't smart enuf to understand cause u right so dad gum acakadrmicaly.
    I deleted that HP comment right after I read
    (1000 word response breaking down every sentence I wrote, including name calling and ironically calling me juvenile below.)
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    Nobody said that they're a "bad team." No one even thinks it. You just made that up.
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    More complaining, Dyno, more complaining. BCS bowl or not, more complaining by dudes who could not catch a punt from the machine used at practice to win a Dr Pepper challenge.
    Cassandra? Really dude.

    Actually, John I was disappointed with the Ash in Lala land comment but my overall statement was not directed at you or this post, but with the previous thread I just read "I fell for it too"
    Ash had a record setting day ..for him and a 203 pass rating.The team is going to be fine, who looked more lost week 1 in my opinion? OU, TAMU, USC, KStste( oh my) WV(oh my jr.) goodness this is week one and any of the teams I mentioned played less capable opponents than UT, except Aggie, and I think they would trade performance. Okie Lite looked lackluster as well. ND meh as well.
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    I am one that appreciates the break down of each game even if I don't always comment on them. While we could always contest points of HP's metrics, it is certainly a neutral measurement of the overall performance based on what he thinks is required to be a strong performance. It doesn't change game to game to fit his thoughts and could be applied to any team in the country.

    HP, if you have the time it would be interesting to compare the top 5 ranked teams metrics vs. the Horns six or seven games into the season to see how they compare.
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    Wow. I thought it was a fair analysis. I also think the team started in a fog and did some things very well, and a few things not as well as I would like to see. Everyone needs to chill a bit. Don't expect mid season performance in August, and don't get your panties twisted just because someone points out that the o line was not moving people around. I like the analysis and hope we keep seeing them after every game.
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    I don't know what you wrote, but I'll just take your word for it.
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