Greatest idea ever?

Discussion in 'Rusty's Grill' started by Joe Fan, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Joe Fan

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  2. Seattle Husker

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    The video is now private.
  3. Joe Fan

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    Was a tortilla-making machine styled after a Keurig coffee maker
    Pop in the pod, close it, hit play, fresh tortilla pops out ......
  4. BallsofSteerToo

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    Video is working. Interesting idea, but only makes 1 tortilla at a time per pod. Maybe offer a 2 tortilla or three tortilla pod? Who's making these dough pod decisions?

    Perhaps a commercial version that makes 6 tortillas per pod? How about (just a second, I need to get some more wine, I'll be right back) (okay, I'm back) one of these at each table just like the truck stops used to have a juke box at every booth for your personal listening pleasure. Customers can cook their own mini tortillas as they want them. Fresh and hot at your table. Where the hell is my patent attorney when I need him?

    I would change the name though. Flatev is a stupid ******* name. What would you call this device? Cuz I know I'd call it money in the bank!
  5. Joe Fan

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    Yes, and what is the cost of one tortilla?
    Still, get it out there, let there be competition, bring the CPT down (cost per tortilla)
    And if the corn comes out anywhere near a fresh hand made corn tortilla, then I am +fiddy pounds

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