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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Napoleon, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Napoleon

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    I just checked the temperature in Green Bay, WI at 3:00am CST on Friday night/ Saturday morning.
    Temperature: -5
    Wind Chill: -26
  2. PanzerDSS

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    I'm in Chicago.

    At 3:51 am:
    Temperature: 2 Degrees F
    Wind Chill: -13 Degrees F

    I'm not going outside this weekend.
  3. Brubricker

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    And for all the drama of frozen conference championship football in the far north of Green Bay or Boston, the Super Bowl will still be played in climate-controlled conditions under a dome in Phoenix. Can we even hope for the possibility of snowflakes in a Super Bowl? Apparently not. Why does the Super Bowl have to be played in a self-contained bubble? Would it be so WRONG to schedule for an outdoor venue that could expect zero-degree weather in early February?
  4. FirstTimeLurker

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    Packers need a dome just as the Vikings and Lions have adapted. If the Celtics and Yankees can get new places, Lambaeu just isn't in the same ballpark, so it can also find a new home.
  5. Orange&White

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    That would be like moving the ou game to Texas Stadium.
  6. Third Coast

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    Tell people in Green Bay that they should play in a dome and they will tell you you're ******* crazy.
  7. HornHuskerDad

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  8. RyanUTAustin

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    It's frickin cold in Austin too. Not -4 cold, but I guess it is all relative.
  9. HornHuskerDad

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  10. austintex

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  11. Eating Club

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  12. Bill in Sinton

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    Third Coast you are absolutely right. The shame is that the NFL lets games this important be played in those conditions. The NFL needs to tell GB that if they don't get a dome they lose all playoff hosting rights and move it to a more warmer city. I bet that would get them to build a dome.

    The disgrace of the Ice Bowl game was not only because of the terrible conditions but in the second half the heaters on the Cowboys side went out and I wonder if that made an effort on GB's winning drive. Coach Landry should have told the officials and if it wasn't corrected he should have took his team off the field and refused to come back till both sides heaters were working.
  13. zzzz

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    I agree with this sentiment:

  14. nath05

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    I will confirm that it's effing cold this weekend; I'm in Minneapolis. I wish I was in Green Bay so I could put on a snowmobile suit down several bottles of schnapps while watching Eli Manning's teeth chatter.... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. next2naus

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    the Super Bowl isn't about the game its about the week long corporate party scene that leads up to the game. That scene needs warm weather. the Game does not.

    Green Bay doesn't need a dome, thats simply ***** talk and sour grapes from old cowboys fans. get over it. it could easily be 30 degree in January at Lambeau. Football is a tough game played by tough men in uncertain conditions. that's part of the game and what adds to it. bitching about the weather is like Aggy or ND with respect to wetting the field.
  16. HornOnTheBayou

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    Also, putting the Super Bowl in snow would be a big advantage to cold-weather teams. Obviously, Green Bay and New England have an advantage this weekend, but they earned it by winning more games in the regular season.
  17. Owlhorn

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    Superbowl should always be as weather neutral as possible. To me that makes it more about the game than anything else.
  18. Sii

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  19. UTmainman

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    I just don't get all the love for cold weather games. As a fan in attendance, you don't like it, as a player, you don't like it. The only people who like them are the people that get to watch the game from the comfort of central heating.
  20. Bevoette

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    that's freakin COLD !
    too freakin COLD !
    I don't mind cold weather once in awhile but dadgum that's cold !
  21. Napoleon

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    Saturday at 4:45pm CST (local time in Green Bay)
    Temperature: -5
    Wind Chill: -25

    The Link
  22. Macanudo

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  23. beencounting

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    I agree with the above poster who said only the fans on TV like these sort of inhumane conditions. Being this cold poses a morbid danger to players, coaches and fans in the stands. To me, in addition to being extremely uncomfortable, this is a public health issue:
    The Link

    Cold temperatures increase blood pressure, raise the stress level on the wall of the heart and increase the blood's viscosity, or thickness, Farah said.

    Exercise can exacerbate the effect.
  24. Third Coast

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  25. AUinAustin

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    I am flying just south of Green Bay on Monday and keep trying tp decide how much warm stuff to wear/take. Brrrr....
  26. FirstTimeLurker

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    the GB field is no more legendary than the Boston Garden or Yankee Stadium. Fans will miss it for a while then forget it after a dome is built as it should be.
  27. Doughbroz

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  28. formermav43

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    Domes suck in general. To put one in Green Bay would be a traveshamockery.
  29. FirstTimeLurker

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    Reliant and Jerryworld don't suck at all. As long as they have a retractable roof you get the best of both worlds.
  30. formermav43

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    I disagree. That's not the best of both worlds - the elements are part of the game, IMO. And while you have pointed out the domes in Detroit and Minnesota, there are open air stadiums in many other cold weather environments - Chicago, Buffalo, New England, New York, etc. So its not as if they need to "adapt," they are actually in the mainstream.

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