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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Napoleon, Jan 19, 2008.

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    At 1:00am Saturday night/ Sunday morning in Green Bay:
    Temperature: -10
    Wind Chill: -31

  3. Napoleon

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    At 12:15PM!!


    Temperature: -3
    Wind Chill: -24

  4. Horns83

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    They just said on CBS when doing the preview for the GB game that the wind chill at kickoff would be somewhere between -25 and -35. People are going to die out there.
  5. Owlhorn

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    Sounds fun having players out in mortal weather.
  6. warrior

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    57 in Austin at 4 pm, perfect football weather except it is windy, darn one of a few days i am not wearing my shorts outside. [​IMG]
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    As a life long Packer fan and WI resident up until last summer I'll add a few things. The people who say Packer fans would laugh at the idea of a dome in GB are dead on, so here: [​IMG] That's just ridiculous.

    For those of you that think the Packers are used to this type of weather you have probably never played sports in that environment. 40 F - 30F, maybe, but at a certain point (probably around 20 F and below) you just can't get used to it and it affects everyone's abilities. Essentially what it does is make the game a test of will.
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    I know you don't get used to cold weather but it will take some convincing to get me to believe that someone who has played in lived in cold weather still wouldn't have an advantage over somoene who has never been in it.

    I know there is an arugument that GB deserves the host because of the won-loss record but due to conditions like this in January it takes more than earning it on the field in my opinion and that is coming up with the money to have a a dome stadium like Detroit and Minnessota.
  9. Genco

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    So how many teams would you disqualify?

    New England, New York, Cleveland, Cincinatti, Chicago, and Buffalo all play outdoors. How about home games in late December?
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    Green Bay is about to kickoff and it is -5 with windchill of -20!!! [​IMG] And it is only going to get colder throughout the night!
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    All those crazy sleeveless Packers! [​IMG]
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    Tony Romo's watching the game from his hot tub
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    As if trying to stay warm in below 0 temperatures, all those players and fans have to deal with 3 minute commercial breaks during every stoppage of play.
  14. YeaTexasFight

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    HA! Now the Giants heated benches aren't working.
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    Al Harris better put some more clothes on.
  16. Third Coast

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    Well, a 90 yard TD will sure warm you up.
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    cold bikini babes
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  19. Third Coast

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    I seriously think something is wrong with Favre. His last few passes have been very dangerous and he has a glazed look in his eyes. I think he has tundra fever.

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    I always thought that the big 12 title game should be played in a controlled enviorment. Alamodome or Transworld dome not in freezing tempatures in KC
  21. LurkerintheDark

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    It's certainly playing hell with the kicking game.

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