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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Anyone know the latest on his recruitment? I almost want him as a Longhorn as much as I want Shaka gone, but curious if he’s close with Shaka and if he would go elsewhere if a new coach is brought in. His highlights are jaw dropping:

    EDIT: I see his most recent two CBs are to other schools after the first five being to Texas. I don’t think he’s coming.

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  2. txlandagent

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    GBIII's dad (GBII) played football at Texas. I can't imagine Shaka here or not here had any real bearing on his decision but his dad did publicly say if Shaka isn't the coach Greg isn't coming to Texas. I'm sure at the close of 2020 we'll be moving on from both Shaka and Greg. Either way we're all better off.
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    Agreed. Even though he’s likely a one and done, he’d bring some excitement to the team. Maybe the right hire (i.e. Bielin) keeps him in Austin.

    Just imagine him, Sims, and Kai together with a good coach that cuts down on all the 3s.

    when is he scheduled to announce?
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    He ain’t coming: “I love coach Smart straight up. He cares about his players. If Coach Shaka is not there, I won’t go to UT.” Article also says he’s going to be a one and done, so not a program changer like a new coach will be.

    Side note: 6’9” with a 44” vertical :yikes:
  5. 2003TexasGrad

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    No thanks. Shows what his priorities are. He doesnt want to win. I dont want a coach who just "loves his players."
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  6. Run Pincher

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    I know one thing, we're in an extremely sad state of affairs if we allow a HS player hold us hostage.
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    No one said anything like that
  8. 2003TexasGrad

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    Like what? If Shaka aint there Im not coming?
  9. Jacob Johnson

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    Well seems like his dad makes the decisions on where he goes. Although I would love to have him he is going to be a one and done wherever he goes so I will take a new coach and changing Texas long term over over a player who will be here one season. Once Greg leaves that will leave us with Shaka and frustration all over again so hopefully a new coach can come in and convince him Texas is the best choice for him.
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    Who’s he holding hostage? CDC? I don’t understand your point
  11. SabreHorn

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    Exactly who do you have in mind? Anyone that is actually desirable or qualified and that would consider the job?

    We need a men's BB coach and a women's bb coach in a market with very limited quantity and almost as little quality.

    I have arrived at the decision that mens basketball took in 5.5% of total revenue, with women's far less than that, perhaps CdC has bigger fish to fry.


    Memorial Stadium completion

    Basketball arena completion

    Lining up Herman's replacement if he fails

    Watching for the appropriate candidate for men's BB

    Candy truck run

    Watching for the appropriate candidate for women's BB

    Lining up potenisl baseball coaches should the need arrise

    Putting Michelob Ultra in the stadium to stop the 20,000 emails flooding his mailbox

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  12. 2003TexasGrad

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    Its pretty explanatory if what his dad is saying is accurate.
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    The only person that would be a hostage in this scenario is CDC, and if what you said is true then CDC would be keeping Shaka only to secure Brown’s commitment, i.e. Brown is in effect making the decision instead of CDC, which as of now just isn’t the case or very likely and at the very least certainly isn’t known to the public
  14. Joe Fan

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  15. 2003TexasGrad

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    But hows his kneeling game?
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  16. Chop

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    I dunno about cutting down on threes, but Kai, Brown, and Sims are doing great under a very good coach (Shaka)—like you wanted. It’s a good time to celebrate our good fortune. It’s all coming together so well.

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