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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Horn2Run, Sep 15, 2012.

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    B1G network, the Fighting Horizontals of Iowa are about to take the lead vs Northern Iowa, mid 2nd qtr.

    Score....14-10, Iowa. Greg Davis is flexing that muscle, showing Northern Iowa who's boss in this state.
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    [​IMG] at this post [​IMG]
  3. Horn2Run

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    UNI kicks a short fg, 14-13 Iowa leads....
  4. NebLHAB

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    Our accountant our last few years in NE went to Iowa. Had lunch w him when we were up there in July for RAGBRAI. I felt SO SORRY for him being all excited about them getting GD. He's a really good guy, too. Our accountant, that is.

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    My family is originally from Iowa and are huge Hawkeye fans. When i visited this summer they were enthused with the hire of davis. NO matter what i said they responded with "he was good enough to win you guys a MNC" or You "texas fans are never happy".

    Deal with it Iowa City. I recommend drinking heavily.
  6. Horn2Run

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    Horizontalled their *** all the way down to the 4 yd line.....In Davis fashion they squander the opportunity......fg makes it 17-13

    I feel sorry for Iowa

    RAGBRAI...the only big / popular ride I never did & wish I had. I hear it's a blast
  7. WashU-Horn

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    We won the MNC because Vince and the talent around Vince was able to get Davis out of his default setting.

    Iowa does not have Vince and GD is back to being GD = uber conservative, predictable and playing with fear.
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    I would like to see Greg Davis try out for Sheriff Buford T. Justice in "Smokey and the Bandit"!

    The African American trooper would then say, " the fact that you're the offensive coordinator at Texas is not germaine to the situation".

    His big response line would be, " The dog gone offensive coordinator ain't got nuthin to do with it".

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  10. Statalyzer

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    What does Vince not winning a Super Bowl have to do with Greg Davis?
  11. BevoJoe

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    He'll last a year or two, until the fans get tired of it.
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    The "We let Vince be Vince story" is clear and out there for anyone to reread/rewatch.

    Mack simply stated that he watched film with VY of his high school days, saying something like:

    "Vince, this is why we wanted you to come to Austin --- THIS is the Vince Young we want you to go back to ---- just play your game."

    I can imagine the contemporary, brief conversation Mack had with GD:

    "Greg, get the **** out of Vince's way. Give him a few plays, but stop that Gawdawful quick out for -2 yards to start every drive."

    "Oh, and Greg, make me a peanut and butter sandwich. And get me a glass of milk. And a couple of cookies."

    "Thanks, now go do, whatever it is you do --- just leave Vince alone."

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    Vince was uncoachable and they figured that out. Good for them and Vince and us fans.

    A lot of what GD did was predictable but was also near impossible to stop. The two yard outs were maddening but they kept a corner busy and a safety a little wider than was useful if he was also supposed to do run support.

    GD ran an offense that took advantage of the fact that most of the time we would win by wearing down a defense that did not have the talent we had. When we played teams that did, it did not work as successfully----most of the time.

    He had two ten win seasons at North Carolina before he came here and how many nine win seasons after he got here? Compare the years he was here and the similar number of years before he got here.

    He was good enough compared to what came before to keep us frustrated by happy until the end and that was because we didn't have a qb anymore.

    It is scary to think what Harsin could have done with the skills on hand when Vince was around. We might have had another 30 game winning streak.

    I wish GD good luck at Iowa.
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  22. I35

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    If it was Taps calling the shots we would be 0-3 right now with OC Davis and QB Garrett. True statement! [​IMG]
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    What point are you trying to make about GD? Is it:
    1. That you don't think he is a very good OC? Fair enough.
    2. Or is it the less level headed point that GD intentionally tried to harm Texas somehow? In which case your rooting for his failure would make complete sense.
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  27. Horn2Run

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    It's #1 woowoo.

    Davis has an opportunity to show good he is when he doesn't have a decided advantage in talent. Iowa is a mid pack B1G team. We'll see how it goes. From what I saw yesterday I don't like his chances.

    Speaking of yesterday, we scored 66 against an SEC.....Thank God Davis is gone
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