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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by AC, Apr 6, 2020.

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    Well, that's like, your opinion, man. ;)
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    MilitaryHorn, I'm curious to know if RR Engineers still carry these around out of a sense of tradition or if they just use their smart phones like everyone else these days:
    This is my granddad's Hamilton watch. I looked up the serial # online, and this particular unit has 19 jewels and was finished in January 1916.
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    How could you not carry that watch around? That's a classic
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    I use my wrist watch. We can't have our phones on while we are operating the train but when we are stopped we can.
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    My office is right by the train station in Temple. Wave next time you come through.
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    Ding dong, the witch is gone! He was the worst and one of the most corrupt presidents in the history of the University. He wasted more money with bad decisions causing unnecessary litigation and continued to expand the already bloated administration at the expense of students (unreasonable tuition), their families (unreasonable tuition) and professors (cutting courses/TAs/other jobs).
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    Where do Woodrow Wilson and Jefferson Davis statues belong?
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    Such a tempting question
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    They belong right back where they were before being removed. Put a fence around them, security camera and an armed guard if needed. Prosecute anyone that vandalizes them, including permanent expulsion of any student involved.
    I would also opine Texas needs to add a mandatory section to the orientation class for freshman that covers the founders of the University including the Governor and the regents in detail. When young son went through the class in 2008, the instructor(I wont call him a professor) spent way too much time extolling the value of “social justice” and diversity. Nothing about the Confederate war heroes that founded the University after suffering through the results of the war and Reconstruction. I always thought it would be beneficial for Mexican kids entering the university to learn about the history of Santos Benavides, Confederate war hero and Texas regent. I wouldn’t mind adding a statue of Benavides.
    I know a whole lot of alums that ceased donations over this issue.
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    aggy teaches on him.
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    Why those two?
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    man, you sound like Obama. I was always astounded with how often he said that. No offense intended just saw it and immediately had that thought.
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    Fenves had an agenda which sadly in this case didn't include education. Littlefield had a point to make using those statues of 5 notable leaders. Which was in his lifetime, he experienced the civil war & saw how the USA came back together quite well by WWI. UT has everything to thank Littlefield for because he kept it solvent for much of its first 50 years until the Santa Rita #1 came in. Scattering those statues was stupid.
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    But, but, but he's from Berzerkley, so he can't be "stupid".

    Littlefield had an agenda that did not include feeding his own ego or glorifying his own legacy. The same cannot ever be said about either Powers or Fenves, neither of whom was smart enough to understand the point Littlefield made.
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    Right! I hope someone can get this right this time.
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