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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by hitbyatrain, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. hitbyatrain

    hitbyatrain 250+ Posts

    So I'm getting married in a few weeks, and I'm at a loss as to what to get my groomsmen/ushers. The problem is that all of them are already married, so they have a veritable stack of engraved flasks (which, in my experience as a member of a wedding party, is pretty standard.)

    Does anybody have any ideas? The best one I've ever gotten is a huge igloo cooler--which gets used all the time. Unfortunately, I can't steal that one, since the groom who gave those is in my wedding. I'm wanting to spend $40 or less (less is good) on each gift, and I'm not someone who has to have something personalized for everyone.

    Any ideas?
  2. bevorules

    bevorules 100+ Posts

    I have received the ice chest as well, asd it's great. Also have received an awesome silver engraved swiss army pocket knife
  3. TheOrangeBull

    TheOrangeBull 100+ Posts

    Why not steal the cooler idea?

    Are your gmen/users Longhorn fans?

    If so go to Sams and get them the Longhorn Igloo cooler that has the Longhornhead on the side and plays Texas Fight when you open the lid.
  4. hitbyatrain

    hitbyatrain 250+ Posts

    I could steal the cooler idea. And I've given some thought to it, becuase it is a great idea, and it's the only wedding party gift I've gotten that I still use five years later. But I'd like to give something original, since the guy that gave us those coolers is in the wedding, and to make it at least appear that I have the capacity for original thought. (Of course, I don't, which is why I'm asking you guys for help.)
  5. baboso

    baboso 250+ Posts

    pocketknives are always nice.
  6. BA93

    BA93 1,000+ Posts

    gifts are overrated. I would be just as happy with a gift ceritficate to a place when everyone shops: Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.
  7. next2naus

    next2naus 500+ Posts

    Candlesticks always make a nice gift
  8. wolfman

    wolfman 1,000+ Posts

    Pimp canes.
  9. AhhhCraig

    AhhhCraig 100+ Posts

    Find out their favorite sport team and get them a quality polo shirt and cap, or just the polo. Maybe a nice Leatherman type tool, with or without engraving. No multitool knockoffs. Man I hate cheap multi-tools.
  10. chuychanga

    chuychanga 500+ Posts

    I only had a best man and no other groomsmen, but I got him a basket full of booze. It was slightly expensive stuff that he probably wouldn't have bought on his own. Patron, A nice pricey Red, a good single malt scotch, and a couple other bottles of various stuff. If you have a lot of groomsmen you could get them each a bottle of something different.
  11. TheOrangeBull

    TheOrangeBull 100+ Posts

    Yeah but did he give you a LONGHORN cooler?

    $34 and change at Sams by the Arbouretum.

    I bought one for myself and checked it on the plane full of Texas sausage for the flight back to Orlando.
  12. Tailgate

    Tailgate 500+ Posts

    Fake Rolexes would be the call.
  13. rustjs1

    rustjs1 100+ Posts

    a mix tape
  14. Mr. Longhorn

    Mr. Longhorn 250+ Posts

    I gave all of my groomsmen a nice official poker set. Of course the fact that they were over 50% off helped, but none of them actually had a good set of clay chips.
  15. EEE

    EEE 250+ Posts

    These make great gifts. I ordered one recently and thought it was so cool that I got a couple for my brothers. They love them. What makes them a great gift is that the Luxeon bulb is a pretty new technology that makes this tiny flashlight kick the crap out of a 2 D cell maglite. It is novel in it's size and brightness, and is super practical. A feature I find really handy is the clip that allows you to attatch it to the visor of your cap: instant hands free headlamp. Seriously, get one of these for yourself to check out and I'll bet you'll get some for your groomsmen.

    This link is the same light, but with glowing (heh) reviews. I linked the first one because it comes with 9 batteries, a much better deal.
  16. hitbyatrain

    hitbyatrain 250+ Posts

    Hmm. . . excellent ideas, all. I have a little while to decide, and since I'm chronically indisicive, it may be a few days. I'll let it marinate for a little while, especially since the future Mrs. Hitbyatrain will have to rubber stamp the idea. (And since she's awesome, I'm sure she'll be ok with whatever I decide.)

    Thanks for the input everybody--and if you have other ideas, let me know. I'm still loving the cooler idea (as long as I can find one aggy one) and I hadn't thought of pocketknives or leathermen (leathermans?) and the flashlight is a brilliant idea as well. I don't know where I'd find a pimp cane, but I'll be looking for those, too. At least for myself.

    Now, let's BTHOOtOSU.
  17. bigup2dahorns

    bigup2dahorns 250+ Posts

    i was in a wedding recently and received as a gift UT nat'l champs cufflinks. i thought it was allsome.
  18. JohnnyM

    JohnnyM 2,500+ Posts

    The next time I get a pocketknife as a gift, I'll stab the giver in the throat with it. I'd say the same about money clips, but it'd be tough to break the skin with most of them.

    The more I think about groomsmen gifts, the more I think you should either get them something totally off the map (those 'Horn cufflinks sound cool) or just get them a bottle of their favorite liquor. They'll at least put that to good use.
  19. hullabelew

    hullabelew 1,000+ Posts

    BBQ Stuff
    All about $15 each
    This bad boy has a bottle opener built in.
    About 16 inches long...very heavy duty.
    Handy when you need one.
    8" wide, great for turning fish
  20. longhrnfan

    longhrnfan 500+ Posts

    Steal my idea:
    I'm going to take all my boys fishing for the day. 400-600 bones to catch a ton of mahi mahi here in sofla. More than you want to spend, but hey... it can double as a bachelor party, and you can save money by not doing stuff that night. Or you can get them to pay for it, and use the cooler idea, or knife (FISHING KNIFE). Or pay for strippers on the boat for them.
  21. stillaphlopin

    stillaphlopin 25+ Posts

    Take them out to a ballgame.
  22. midtown

    midtown 1,000+ Posts

    Best gift I ever received and I use it all the time is one of those professional bottle openers. My brother had them engraved with our initials and Vegas 2004 on it. I dont even knwo where the rest of them are but if my bottle opener is missing my wife hears about it.
  23. The Bone

    The Bone 100+ Posts

    Buy some nice flasks and maybe have them engraved. I still use mine.

    I am also a drunkard, so you should probably take that into consideration. [​IMG]
  24. Scooter

    Scooter 250+ Posts

    I bought my groomsmen live iguanas. Made for a lively rehearsal dinner.
  25. BigWill

    BigWill 2,500+ Posts

    cock rings
  26. DCLonghorn

    DCLonghorn 1,000+ Posts


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