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    Yeah, restringing and tuning that thing was work! [​IMG]

    I have this really old little device that has six pipes, one each for E, A, D, G, B and high E — you blow into each one to get the note for that string. It is so old-timey and funky but I have had it forever and never once used anything else to tune with. Once I get the top E string right I just tune the rest by ear with harmonics. I have never even tried to do it differently. Something about old dogs and new tricks here I suppose.

    I get pretty good results with the capo except for the top E pairs, which get pulled a little towards the edge of the fretboard. They are just a bit off but it may be because the capo is smaller than what I need for 12 strings.
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    Wow, as a noob to the guitar, that 12 string just looks intimidating.

    VY, I have not handled PRS's acoustics, but if the attention to detail is anything like his electrics, I bet that thing is awesome.
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    Here's my Larrivee D-03E (bought circa 2007)




    My gripe about the on-board pickups is that it's cool that it pops out to replace the 9v battery, but it needs to pop out a few more millimeters because the battery ends up rubbing against the body in order to get it out, leaving a few minor scratches


    Had the saddle replaced with a mikarta saddle by a local luthier

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    Is that sapele or mahogany?
    Do you play with a pick or your fingers?

    Great photos.
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    Mahogany sides. I feel like i remember reading that they changed the tops on this model after i got mine. i know they use Canadian sitka spruce tops now, but I believe mine was a different type of spruce top

    I mostly use picks, tend to like the thinner ones.

    I shoved that low E pin back in the the bridge after I looked the pictures. [​IMG] Had just restrung it, so it makes sense it was sticking out a bit
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    My two-doors-down neighbor, who is mainly an excellent bass player, and plays guitar on the side (probably still far ahead of me on guitar), has a Larivee that I think may be the same as yours. We keep talking about him coming over to play together, so I'm hoping I'll get a chance to hear what the Larivees sound like.
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    Is a semi hollow allowed?

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    Beautiful. Is that a 335? The finish is gorgeous.
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    I've owned a ton of guitars and basses over the years, but here's what's currently in the house (I'm mainly a bass player):

    1964 Gibson acoustic
    2006 Warwick Corvette 4-string
    1987 Fender Precision Bass
    2004 Conklin GT-5 bass
    Strat-style partsacaster,modified pickups etc.
    Tele-style partsacaster, modified with 3 pickups and phase switching
    Single pickup Charvette (cheapie I picked up at a garage sale)

    In the past I've had some interesting stuff like a 1957 Telecaster, 1975 Les Paul Custom, 1976 Les Paul Special, custom Mighty Mite neck-through strat, 1966 Rickenbacker 330. Those are all gone.
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