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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Hornin Hong Kong, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I can't tell me how many times the hotel spa has said - sure you can come now but we only have a male therapist.

    First - why do they have a male therapist ever? Nobody ever wants one.

    Second - yes, why do i care?

    Well this time I finally said yes thinking I was in India so the guy wuld probably be small and nonthreatening and indeed he was. Not necessarily gay but could easily have been (yes I know gay guys arent necessarily small and nonthreatening - I lived in the gayest building in NYC for 7 years)

    So I realize now, for a mansage, you absolutely want a gay one or one who is ostensibly gay. I assume for gay guys you'd want one that is gay as well - or maybe not.

    It is much weirder I would assume to have a big dude talking about the Longhorn game and how he'd like to bang megan fox giving you your manssage.

    Ok, the verdict, not awful but nearly as relaxing.

    Probably never again
  2. Texanne

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    Did it move?
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  3. l00p

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    We did not ask, should you have told?

    What is it that you Navy guys call your "mansages" if you don't call them by that name?
  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    did he ask you if you wanted a hap.... never mind :)
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    Anyone remember Pronghorn's 3:16 massage story? HHK's story is a strong 2nd.
  7. Hornin Hong Kong

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    i miss pronghorn
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    frogstyle you are a cock for abandoning me for however long it has been.

    you disappear for a year and make some crappy natural gas post and i'm supposed to like take you back?

    Am I?

    dont tease me with a random post dude
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    Maybe he requested you. Personally I like my massages from big, butch women. I like deep work.

    When the ask me my preference at a place, I tell them I'd like the strongest woman they have.
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    I like the wiry women with bony elbows, myself. The muscular women get a little too eager to please for my tastes, but each to his own.
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    lady I use is of the older, wiry type. She really gets into her work. She really enjoys hearing groaning. She told me she likes hearing that, I'm thinking because of the feedback. Anyway, the last time I went, she did such a good job on my back that my back popped. She kind of hesitated, asked if it hurt, of course I said no, it's great.

    The last time I went she remembered that I "like it rough", and she was so into her work that she went 15 minutes over, and didn't charge extra.
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    I thought that frogstyle was dead, which was a pretty reasonable thing to assume based on his stories.
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    see there's the point - it's both.
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    Hilarious thread. [​IMG]
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    I've had one. Didn't bother me so much. It was a little odd to have hands other than smallish chick hands rubbing on me.
  19. So you didnt mind the man hands huh? [obligatory]"Not that there's anything wrong with that"[/obligatory] [​IMG]
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