Hager Twitter account closed

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by VulcanHorn, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Hope he cuts his hair and gets on with his life. Football is over for him and wish him well. But don't hold yourself to some promise you made as an 18 year old kid.
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    He still has a bowl game to play in....
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    I can see him signing somewhere as a UFA and being on special teams or even drawing checks for a few years on a practice squad. I don't believe the bowl game will be the last we have seen of Breckyn on a football field...
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    Blake Gideon says hello
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    I’m sorry but that’s weak. Just ignore the trolls. It’s called branding. Twitter is for you to connect with your fans. Hire someone to block or delete the trolls if you can’t handle criticism
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    I wish the kid good luck. I think he's maxed out production from his available talent, but he may be an NFL DE in a 4-3 scheme. The kind of passion and team spirit he carries may be the route for continued football relevance.
  9. Sangre Naranjada

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    I can see Hager in the CFL. Not so confident he has the chops to make the NFL.
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    To be an NFL d-lineman, you've got to be a guy at the college level that teams are having to game plan in order to manage. I don't see that from Hager. Love his passion and his love for the school, and he's welcome on the 40 Acres any time. Hope he finds a niche somewhere if not in football then somewhere else.
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  11. X Misn Tx

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    Or just be a college kid who doesn't hire PR firms.
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    Gideon at least drew checks from the NFL for a period of time even though they were just practice squad monies...and SOME money from the NFL is better than NO money from the NFL.
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    Good work if you can get it....props to him, just think that Gideon starting for Muschamp's defense was the beginning of the end for the Longhorns. When a two star out of Leander is your "quarterback of the defense", your chances at major bowl games just left the building. Surprised that Herman was able to get Texas to a Sugar Bowl with Hager having such a significant presence on this defense.
  14. Statalyzer

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    He doesn't owe it to anybody to have an account.
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    Stat you're showing your age now.....in this day and age if you're not telling people where you're going and what you're doing 24-7 then you are just a pathetic loser! :smile1:
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    The question is, who one the roster should have played instead of Gideon?
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    Anyone.....just....anyone....coach 'em up there was better talent...but there wasn't enough out there, which is why he started.
  19. wadster

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    Can we not pile on a guy that's not even here anymore.
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    IMHO, shouldn't compare Gideon to Hager. Gideon was leader of that defense and Earl Thomas acknowledged he was like a coach on the field, making sure they were all lined up correctly. The missed INT against Tech was huge, but we had several chances to win that game.
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    Not that this has anything to do with BH closing his Twitter account, but the ou line, while good, also gets help because hardly anyone wants to put pressure on Murray and risk him breaking off a huge run. It makes them look better than they actually are.

    As far as the Twitter thing goes, it was bush league of Hager to close it now, but I wish more of these kids would do the same. Twitter is a ******* cesspool. There, stodgy old man rant over.
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  23. LonghornCatholic

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    Smart move to close his Twitter. Never too late to eliminate distractions and nonsense.
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  24. mb227

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    This exactly...

    Closing it helps to remove one area in which an improper comment might be made that contributed to a player (or players) not being able to travel to New Orleans...and the 'horns need ALL players on deck!
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    People just never forgave him for that play. He made plenty of big plays for us and was never a liability in coverage the way some guys were who got way less vitriol from the fans (remember Erick Jackson in 2007? we might as well have been playing 11 on 10).
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    Did some of Cody Ford's pancake blocks do that to his hand? That dude is NASTY. He may be the best OU OL since Trent Williams.
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    Once upon a time.... we all managed to live ours lives and exist in relative harmony without cell phones, the Internet, including Face Chat, Snap Book, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. (yes I misstated those on purpose). I suspect Hager will be better off and more focused on his finals and the upcoming bowl game without his twitter account.

    Just my .02
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