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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by arieshorn, Apr 27, 2014.

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    So I ran into Hannah Allison at Starbucks this morning at South Park Meadows, I didn't say anything because she was walking out with her order as I was walking in AND because I was a bit star struck AND I couldn't believe she's 5'11 because she looked so tall! Her bio has got to be wrong. lol I believe she dates Jackson Jeffcoat too. She sure was easy on the eyes. [​IMG] She's a UT Alum now so this is my belated senior salute I guess. She had an outstanding career at Texas capped off with a national championship. For that I salute you.

    I've ran into a couple of UT athletes over the years outside of Texas functions. I ran into Chris Mihm walking out of a bank on Congress days before the NBA draft. Casey Hampton walking out of campus bookstore on the drag when he was a senior at UT. I could go on an on but I am always star struck to say anything and just to see them outside of UT in regular clothes I guess. Oh well just had to put this out there.

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    Hannah rocks! [​IMG]

    aries, I feel the same way when I run into players away from their sports.
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    I ran into a few of the volleyball ladies at the Baylor game last year.
    You ever seen them in jeans!? Oh Momma [​IMG]
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    Hannah recently won the Jill Sterkel Leadership award, given to "a student-athlete who exhibits supreme leadership, competitiveness and graciousness." Very cool. She really seems to be an exemplary student-athlete and representative of UT. My favorite player since Ashley Engle.

    It's always cool to see how tall and athletic the players are. The tallest UT team I remember was the 2007 team, with three 6'5" players: Jenn Doris, Lauren Paolini, and RuthAnn Feist. Also Destinee 6'4", and Ashley Engle and Jen Christian, both 6'3", and finally Juliann Faucette and Brandy Magee, both 6'2". Wow!
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    My boyfriend and I have a picture with Hannah and Jackson and they tower over us. Ha!

    Haley Eckerman goes to my church, and I've never approached her there because I just think that would be rude, but we once saw her at the WalMart near our house. We asked her for a picture, and she was very friendly and said "of course". We asked the people in front of us to take a picture and it was hilarious because you could tell they had no clue who she was.

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