Happy Columbus Day!!!

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by mchammer, Oct 11, 2020.

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    Same now in essence. But now they use central banks to steal from us and manipulate elections to keep themselves in power.
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    :lmao: and :clap:
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    I know I'm 20 days early but wanted to wish everyone a Happy U.N. International Day of Peace! Somebody should've reminded the ******* on 620 of that this morning.
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    Any time I look at my arrowheads and consider that people once made war with weapons made of stone I think it must have been pretty hairy for them when the revolver popped up

    the Spaniards showed up with war dogs and horses and primitive firearms. Game on
  5. guy4321

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    True, not gonna win a war with bows and arrows over guns. It was very interesting to learn that Indians didn't use horses until the Spanish introduced horses to the Americas.
  6. Duck Dodgers

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    Hard to use what you don't have.

    If you're interested in why the Euro's sailed to American and conquered them, instead of vice versa, there's a great book called Germs Guns and Steel, which goes into detail as to why the Euro's had such a technological advantage over the Indians. One contributing factor was the total lack of domesticatible animals in the western hemisphere, save for the llama in South America, and hard to ride into battle on one of those.

    While the Euros had chickens and geese for food, horses for riding and transportation, cows for food and plowing, hogs for food, and others, that allowed for a stable food system to be developed, and division of labor. As well as the transport and building capabilities using horses and cattle to drag things around.
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  7. Sangre Naranjada

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    They just never tried to domesticate buffalo.
  8. Duck Dodgers

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    They may have tried, with the effort to domesticate them reserved for those in the tribe they needed to get rid of.
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  9. guy4321

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    Definitely an interesting topic. Thanks for the book name. Specific to horses, I just assumed they had been in the Americas well, forever like the buffalo.
  10. huisache

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    The book referred to is an interesting read, as is 1491, about the state of affairs here before Columbus showed up.. Both will reward the reader for the time spent on them.

    A fellow who taught at UT for years wrote two books worth reading that are somewhat related. His name was Alfred Crosby and he taught history and American Studies. His two tomes are The Columbian Exchange and Ecological Imperialism.

    Don't be scared off by the second title. It is about the ecological changes wrought by the introduction of alien plants and animals into various world ecologies. For example, the Spaniards brought horses and cattle to Texas. Made a difference in the ecological world.

    The Columbian Exchange discusses little changes, like tomatoes in Italy and potatoes in Ireland. Both of these books rattled the history profession and basically created a new way of looking at the spread of European influence. I did undergrad and grad studies in history at UT and reading these two books years later shook me in my way of thinking that nothing else did except the study of geology
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    1491 is a great eye opening read. Enjoyed it. Listening to “Political history of the United States” in a series of podcasts on Spotify - interesting even though author a bit fond of himself. He has some good points on the early colonists but I should confess I only catch about 60-65% of it because I mainly listen when doing chores or working out at gym.

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