Happy Independence Day America !!!

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    On this 4th of July, which I choose to think about in positive terms because I believe our union to be sacred, regardless of the tyranny that existed in it's youth, I present a thought (in the picture below) from a great American, Barbara Jordan.

    Her thoughts on the Constitution of the United States (made during the impeachment proceedings of Richard Nixon) is one shared by myself. Regardless who wrote it, it is a miracle template of a government that reflects the ideals of America along with the vital need for a balance of power. And if it is followed, instead of being twisted beyond recognition or invalidated because of the moral flaws of it's visionaries, then we will lose the blue-print that remains intact as the path towards a just government, empowered by the consent of the governed.

    There is no country that becomes truly great when only one point of view is allowed. And no country can survive when there are only two points of view full of such hatred for the other. We need balance in our government and we need balance in our hearts. We need to accept and we need to guard.

    Accept differences that cause no harm; guard against differences that mean to dominate.

    The need to destroy icons of slavery is understandable to me. And maybe it is true that every great trend in life culminates in a bang and not a wimper. It is like war. War does not bring peace. It only serves as a decisive horror where justice, kindness and humanity are suspended in favor of a ruthless reset of the world's balance. And when patience has run its course and the heart is emptied of all it's love, then the big bang will occur.

    But I believe we will emerge from this with a new cultural zeitgeist. But we must find that love of peace and understanding for our fellow man. Not altruistic notions of loving strangers, but instead loving a kind manner towards them.

    That is the way; love the action of being civil and just. Then that love will be felt in some way, either large or small, by those who receive the benefit of your love of a soft touch.

    In the end, we have a template for balance and it was intended for all US citizens and our visitors. All men and women are created equal. No matter who said those words, they remain true today. And if we focus on the IDEA of America and not solely on it's failures, we can move forward in the direction of a harmonious existence that was fought for long ago.

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