Has anyone ever just gone to the fair on Saturday?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by THEYESOFTXS, Oct 13, 2009.


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    A couple friend of ours wants to go to the game but the tickets are real expensive and frankly they are not that into it... but they love to drink beer and watch television...

    Can they just go to the Fair on Saturday? The game is on the televisions around the cotton bowl right?

    Anyone ever done this..?
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    I sent the fair guys an email with pretty much this question, and they said they have several places where you can hang out and watch the game.
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    My mom has done that several times. My dad & I go to the game and she takes her grandkids around the fair. I don't know about watching the game, but I'm sure there are several places. If not, there are several bars just outside the fair
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    I've done this. Yes, easy to find a big screen near the stadium. Try to find one with a bigger cluster of Texas fans. Best bet is to stay on the Texas (North) side of the stadium. Being right next to the stadium and hearing the roar of the crowd is awesome. At least as good of a game watching atmosphere as any bar you'd find, and you get to eat fried everything.
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    That would be like being in hell and everyone around you has an ice cold beer, but no matter what, you can never have any. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    We take four relatives to the game each year. One year one of the relatives lost his ticket somehow after we got into the fair, but before we got into the stadium. He tried to get customer service at the CB to issue him another ticket, but no luck.

    So, he just stayed outside and watched the game on TV. He would have certainly liked to have been in the stadium, but he was glad to be able to watch in on a large screen inside the park.
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    $20 handshake.
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    I was at the fair pretty darn early in 2000. Nasty day.
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    As far as going to exhibits, it's a tough day to get into anything, because it is always the heaviest attended day of the fair, upwards of 200k pass the gates. But to be part of the game atmosphere and watch it somewhere on the grounds, probably a lot of fun. And there are other places to go other than the crowded new car building, like animal exhibits that don't get as heavy attendance. The midway and rides are awfully crowded, long lines.
  11. 1983. Got tore up before the game and scalped my tickets. Proceeded to more tore up.
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    I did it in 2004 (12-0 loss). I couldn't find a ticket I could afford, and all of the TVs I found on the fairgrounds were completely surrounded by sooners. And in the middle of a losing streak to them, I really didn't want to be around that many toothless inbreds. So I stood outside the food building and listened to the game on my radio.

    Some people saw me and asked me if I was listening to the game. They then stayed with me and I parroted what Craig and Keith said for them, and the crowd around me grew. Eventually I had about eight or nine people clustered around me, all buying me beer to keep me there, and by the end of the game I could barely stand.

    My cell phone wouldn't work on the fairgrounds and so I missed my ride home, and I might be there still today if I hadn't run into a friend of mine on the Midway who recognized my level of drunkenness and kindly squeezed me into his car and dropped me off in Temple.
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    Catch an okie going out at halftime. You can get his return ducket pretty cheap and there won't be many okies around you in the 2nd half! [​IMG]
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    Friends of mine did this. They ended up in the Texas Lotto exhibit since they had a tv. I think they ended up leaving the fair with more money than they walked in with plus a free chair. Lucky ********.
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    Picture this...the year was 2005...Vince was poised to crush the Sooners so my wife and I flew back into Dallas so I could take her to her first TX-OU game. Tickets were crazy expensive, so I told my wife that we would just buy scalped ones at the fair. We get there and we walked around for 3 hours with my damn hand in the air. The ONLY scalper I found was asking 900 for two upper deck tickets. We ended up just northwest of the stadium drinking and watching how depressed a big group of Sooner fans were getting. Not the best way to watch a game, but at least we got to drink cold beer.

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