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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Colt McVince, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Colt McVince

    Colt McVince 250+ Posts

    as i posted before, hegarty apparently loved the visit, though it sounds like he'll check out notre dame and cal, before making a final decision. so we're at least capable of taking 6 OL it seems.

  2. HornLivin

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    [​IMG] I like our chances
  3. Bill in Sinton

    Bill in Sinton 5,000+ Posts

    It would be great to get him.
  4. hornsandcards

    hornsandcards 100+ Posts

    He would be an awesome pickup, for sure.
  5. GoHornsGo90

    GoHornsGo90 1,000+ Posts

    Sounds good on the Hegarty front. Hopefully Westerman comes here also.
  6. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    I get the feeling he wants to pull the trigger but wants to follow
    his parent's advise and give ND and Cal at least a look see first.
  7. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    i just read that hegarty was offered by harvard. is that true? if so, that just ratcheted up my interest in him, not that it needed to be ratcheted.

    my having been born in nm doesn't hurt anything here either.
  8. naphan

    naphan 250+ Posts

    I was already thinking this guy's interested in more than just playing football if the only three school's he's looking at are Cal, ND and UT.
  9. coolhorn

    coolhorn 2,500+ Posts

    SMART and nasty linemen are always welcome at the forty acres. [​IMG]
  10. H-D Rider

    H-D Rider 1,000+ Posts

    I'm a firm believer now McVince! [​IMG]

    Reel him in Mack!
  11. OrangeRout

    OrangeRout 25+ Posts

    Does anyone know when Hegarty visits ND and Cal? The link in Colt's OP suggests ND would come first followed by Cal in early April. We could be within a few weeks of Hegarty IMO.
  12. orangebones

    orangebones 500+ Posts

    heard he saw ND. any word on how it went?
  13. Colt McVince

    Colt McVince 250+ Posts

    supposedly liked ND a lot. liked the direction kelly is taking the team. farrell on rivals thinks ND leads now. who knows for sure.
  14. Wasatch Horn

    Wasatch Horn 250+ Posts

  15. Colt McVince

    Colt McVince 250+ Posts

    Hegarty to ND is probably the best for everyone right now. Gets him well out of Big XII territory (i.e. OU) in particular. That is, unless someone like Doyle greyshirts, though even then, our numbers are getting really tight.
  16. GHoward

    GHoward 2,500+ Posts

    They could take 7 lineman, RS 3 or 4, and only take 1 or 2 in 2012.
  17. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    i don't have any idea what the staff is thinking, but i really want to see hegarty in burnt orange.

    he's apparently too good to turn away if he wants to come, and everything else is on hold until we get the o-line ginning. i've seen darrell win games with his offensive line and a great kicking game. a first rate offensive line makes the whole team better.

    between attrition, injury, and flameouts, you almost can't have enough good linemen. i want matthew hegarty in austin. no question about it.
  18. Colt McVince

    Colt McVince 250+ Posts

    no way this happens anymore. granted, if hegarty committed first, we might still take westerman, but i don't think the coaches will do this with westerman in the bag. we've still got to address a glaring need at RB and CB, which gets us to 21. and that still leaves guys like Reed and Vaughters out there, not to mention that there will clearly be another name or two that will suddenly pop into view with a good senior season. am i disappointed that we filled up with some guys who could have committed later, and let hegarty get away? sure... but i'm freaking stoked to get westerman, greanlea, and flowers on the same line, not to mention hutchins who i think is underrated. plus, hegarty's been leaning more towards ND every day, ever since that interview in which he said that UT leads.
  19. coolhorn

    coolhorn 2,500+ Posts

    We're in the enviable position of saying it'd be nice if Hegarty wants to come here, but it doesn't make or break this class either way. It's good to be the King!
  20. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    The link on the Westerman thread to game film has a video of Hegarty also. Westerman is really impressive, but Hegarty isn't exactly chopped liver, either. He will be a player, too.
  21. horns58

    horns58 100+ Posts

    Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy that Westerman committed and think he has a great future ahead of him. But based solely on watching the highight and camp videos, I think Hegarty is more projectible as a LT than Westerman because he is more athletic and has quicker feet. Hegarty is a trim looking 6'5" and 265 lbs (if current), so he has a projectible frame with room to fill out. Hegarty also looks to be very fluid blocking in space and moves well down the field, which would be a good fit with our blocking scheme.

    If Hegarty decides he wants to come to Texas, you find room to take him. Simple as that.
  22. WTHorn

    WTHorn 100+ Posts

    You take Hegarty - period. You never know which of these guys will actually pan out. We always anoint the next superstar NFL All-pro player while they are still in HS and yet we NEVER seem to learn that recruiting is always a gamble.


    Two recent cases in point among thousands:
    Stephen Good and Tray Allen. During the recruiting process both players were considered to be as good or better than Westerman/Hegarty in this class. 5-star studs who were sure-fire can't-miss prospects destined for the HOF. Players that we anguished over (Good) and celebrated (Allen) when they made their decisions. Players that "make" a class and have the ability to come in and play as freshman at a position that is very difficult to adjust to coming right out of HS. Players whose vids just made you say "wow"!

    Well...both guys have turned out OK. Good is doing "good" at OU - one of the best on an average unit. Allen may finally get to be full-time starter as a Sr.

    Point is simply this: OL and DL are the two most important positions on the field. Peyton Manning can't throw on his back and even Barry Sanders needed some blocking (well, maybe he was the exception [​IMG]). Even average LB's play better when everybody is concerned with the big boys up front. DB’s coverage sure looks better when the QB is running for his life.

    Take all the good ones up front that you can get. Players get hurt, homesick, make bad decisions, breakup with their girlfriend, just don’t have “it”, etc, etc, etc.
  23. GoHornsGo90

    GoHornsGo90 1,000+ Posts

    I agree completely about bust potential and especially that Hegarty is a take. That said, quarterback is far and away the most important position in football. Or any sport, for that matter.
  24. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    as bama just showed us, a so-so qb with a great line can win it all. as we just showed them, a superb qb with a so-so line can only go so far.
  25. GoHornsGo90

    GoHornsGo90 1,000+ Posts

    Bad logic glenn. Bama had other facets that helped them win, such as exceedingly better RBs. If I made the argument that they only won because of their RBs, by your logic I would also be right. Obviously the best QB will not always win, that does not make it a less vital position. Christ, our guy didn't even play, which completely invalidates your point.
  26. WTHorn

    WTHorn 100+ Posts

  27. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    that's right, wt. certainly the single most important player is the qb, but the rock on which a great offense is built is the offensive line.

    a great offensive line masks faults and makes skill position guys look better than they are. a poor offensive line makes them look worse than they are.

    for that matter, a great offensive line makes a defense better. can keep the defense fresher and can keep the defense from having to defend short fields.

    might argue that the kicking game is helped, as well, in that the punting team seldom has to punt out of its end zone if a line can keep the chains moving.

    darrell won a number of games he had no business winning because he always had first-class o-line and special teams. they would just take over games.
  28. coolhorn

    coolhorn 2,500+ Posts

    Quarterback is a glamour position, and highly important because the quarterback generally starts the play and handles the ball on every play. (Except for teams that run the wildcat.)

    That being said, I'm hard-pressed to think of a championship team that didn't have a dominant o-line. There's nothing glamorous about playing guard, tackle, or center, but if they're not tough, talented, and cohesive, the whole offense is out-of-sync.

    One thing I''ve noticed...it's always the quarterbacks (the smart ones anyway) treating the linemen to steak dinners...not the other way around.
  29. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    Alright, alright. Let's just say both are important.
    But saying we proved anything about a good qb behind an average line in the national championship game is certainly not valid, since it didn't happen due to injury, in case you didn't notice. [​IMG]
  30. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    ok, it might be more to the point if we look at the nebraska game to make my point, but did it occur to you that maybe a better line does a better job protecting the qb?

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