Heisman Trophy Finalists in Relationship to Wins

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    Heisman Trophy Finalists Since 1998


    1998 - R. Williams (WINNER)
    2005 - V. Young (2nd)
    2008 - C. McCoy (2nd)
    2009 - C. McCoy (3rd)


    2000 - J. Heupel (2nd)
    2003 - J White (WINNER)
    2004 - A. Peterson (2nd), J. White (3rd)
    2008 - S. Bradford (WINNER)
    2016 - B. Mayfield (3rd)
    2017 - B. Mayfield (WINNER)
    2018 - K. Murray (WINNER)

    I estimate that each Heisman Finalist generates roughly 2.5 seasons of quality (10+ wins) football. That means in the last 21 seasons, Texas has had 10 quality seasons (sounds about right), and OU has had 20 quality seasons. Not trying to praise OU, but I believe there is a strong correlation.

    I do believe that Sam E. will be a Finalist next year.

    No surprise that Heisman caliber players lead to more team wins. They elevate the players around them.
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    this is what matters most to me
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    For that to happen all of those Freshman O Linemen that RS this season had better come out smoking good.
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    I'm doubting Sam will be a finalist unless the field is unusually weak.

    A major part of the reason Murray won it was because of his electric running ability. He also had good pass numbers, but without the running quality he would have lost to Tua IMO.

    Sam doesn't run the ball like a dynamic playmaker, he's a running back smashing into people shoulder-first for 5, 7, 10 yards. He doesn't pull of the 40, 50, 70 yard runs like the shifty QB guys do.

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