Heisman Winner and LSU legend...............

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, May 20, 2018.

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    When at LSU, he was told that if he would focus on track and get serious about isometrics, he would be the first to break 9.3 in the 100 yard dash.

    I also remember Pete Hart telling us that he tried to tackle Cannon when LSU played Hardin Simmons. Cannon's knee put a hole in the top of Hart's helmet.

    Sadly his Hype$man Trophy sits in glass case in the entry way of TJ's Ribs on Acadian Thruway in Baton Rouge. I was told by the owner that Cannon needed money and put the trophy up for collateral to TJ's owner. The owner said Cannon never came back to get the trophy.
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