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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by NolanRyan, Sep 10, 2022.

  1. NolanRyan

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    Does anybody know what the achievement stickers are given for specifically. They have the longhorn as well as the state of Texas as stickers but I was trying to find out what each is for exactly. Longtime fan from MS and a highschool baseball coach looking to start something similar.
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  2. Dionysus

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    Hopefully one of our baseball gurus will chime in before long.
  3. STHAustin

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    The only thing I know about them is I heard Pierce say in an interview once that they're awarded by the players on the team, not the coaches. I don't know what criteria they use. I'm an old-timer and not a fan of helmet stickers--but no one asked me. And I am a fan of exceptional players who take us to Omaha, so...
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