Helmet issue in 4th qtr

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by 22Horn, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. 22Horn

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    Someone please explain the ruling in 4th qt when it appeared ELL was short on run making it a 4th down and inches but then they ruled his helmet had come off and ball was suddenly given to WVA....I must have missed something in that sequence of plays of confusion by the refs''''''

    Great game but too many errors by teams and refs and coaches......only hope now if for an attractive bowl and strong finish in recruting

    should never have lost to Marylambs and gundy's stillwater gang...WVA was possible but likely should have won that one also....BUT
  2. MUCHO

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    The rule is a deadball when helmet comes off. So play is stopped there. But unless the instant replay official had a different shot than those shown on tv, there was no definitive shot of where the ball was in relation to the spot. Also, my understanding of the rule is that it is when the helmet is off. Not coming off. But off. So rewatch with that in mind.
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  3. CreakyHorn

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    That run was a 4th down play. Ball went to WVa on downs.
  4. Joe Fan

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    Shane running around looking for his helmet instantly reminded me of Thurman Thomas in the Super Bowl. That did not end well either.

    We have never been quick to run a new play after a favorable close call, of the type that might be reversed upon review. I am no Patriots fan, but have long admired their ability to get back to the line quickly and run a new play, removing the possibility on an unfavorable review of the previous play. Instead of standing around scratching their butts, wondering what the reviewers will say, the Pats remove the possibility of a reversal entirely. They practice this exact scenario. They have it down to precision and execute within a matter of seconds. They have been doing this for years. My teams (both college and pro), have sadly never grasped this concept. This is despite the fact that the people who manage both my college and pro teams think they are very smart. It makes me sad.
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  5. NJlonghorn

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    I've never seen it done before, but couldn't a team prevent replay review by having the QB and center line up, then snapping the ball? The QB can immediately spike the ball to prevent him from getting mauled. The illegal motion / illegal formation penalty will cost you five yards, but wouldn't that be a new play that prevents replay review of the prior play? That would be worth it in some circumstances.
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  6. zuckercanyon

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    nice idea, but doesn't the ref have to "okay" the play by putting the ball down and leaving the area? Without everyone lined up, it probably wouldn't be considered a legal play....
  7. Buck-Horn

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    I watched the replay of that play probably a dozen times. Maybe I’m blind, but there was no video evidence of exactly when his helmet fell off. By the time Sam’s body fell into view from the scrum, he was a good yard+ past the FD marker. Other than that, the video showed nada....at least not enough to overturn the call.

    And if you carefully watch the prior play....the completed pass to LJ....when his knee hit the ground, the position of the ball was right on the 4 yd FD marker. Hypothetically, if that play was right at the goal line, it would have been reviewed for a TD. Check it out....
  8. Phil Elliott

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    [broken record]Week in and week out, Big 12 refs look for new ways to screw Texas. They don't even try to hide it anymore[/broken record]

    Totally agree we had the 1st on 3rd down. The spot was horrible and NOT where the line judge ran out onto the field at.
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  9. ProdigalHorn

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    I don't think they were trying to screw Texas. There were plenty of ridiculous calls going both ways. That was simply a horrible officiating crew. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone cares enough to fix it.
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  10. Mr. Fiesta

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    i'm betting SabreHorn has an opinion on this subject...
  11. Pomspoms

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    I agree and thought so at game time. I was hoping Herman would challenge the spot but then all of a sudden we we're running a fourth down play.:yikes:
  12. Statalyzer

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    It started with an awful spot by the refs on 2nd down. Watson ran to the ball to about the 7 yard line, at worst the 7 1/2. They spotted the ball at the 8 1/2 instead.

    On 3rd down, it's really hard to tell, but at worst Collin Johnson missed the 1st by a foot. We needed the 4 and he got the ball clearly inside the 5. It definitely needed to be reviewed and it's pretty inexcusable that it wasn't - it's also dumb that they screwed us out of a full yard on the previous play; without that the 4th down likely never happens.

    BTW, on West Virginia's next position, when they were stopped on 4th down, they also looked like they might have made it on 3rd down. Another one that was inexplicably not reviewed.
  13. Denmark

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    I was at the game and in section 2, so the play was right in front of me and live I thought he had gotten to the 4, but they kept showing the replay on the big screen, and it looked like his back was flush with the 4 but the ball was in his gut facing North and looked like it was a foot short.

    Another play in the first half at the same goal line, when I believe we got 1st and goal at the one, we ran a hurry up and got tackled for a 4 yard loss...first of all I thought the ball might have crossed the goalline, but we didn't challenge, but instead hurried not to run straight up the middle, but a wide sweep and lost big, instead of taking our time and punching it in. Why the hurry up if you don't run the QB or RB straight at them? We lost the game by only getting 6 pts on theree straight possions in the first half.

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