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Discussion in 'Swimming & Diving' started by UTexRulz23, Feb 28, 2015.

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    I try to follow all of UT sports. Most of them are pretty simple. But I feel like an idiot because there are some seemingly basic things that I don't understand about swimming and track-and-field.

    Why is that some of the swimmers (or tracksters) scratch?

    Why is there a Tex B in swimming, but some of them swim better than others?

    Why do our best swimmers (or tracksters) not compete some times in their main events?

    I know that the qualification for NCAAs is different than other sports. But I'm just curious. On that, in swimming, are their limits in the numbers? Or as long as they are under the time, they get to go regardless if their the 8th person from their school in that event.


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