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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chinstrap, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Chinstrap

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    Gone. Anybody know the real reason that he is leaving? What are the restrictions as to where he can go and does he have to sit for a year?
  2. Detective Shilala

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    I have only heard hearsay about family matters needing him closer to home and then also some Chip Brown-ish aka "plausible yet probably completely made up" stuff about him being unhappy with the coaching staff.

    Too bad, one of the few bright spots from the offense last season.
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  3. WorsterMan

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    What Detective said is about all anyone around here has seen or heard recently. RHM leaving is a huge disappointment as I think he has tremendous upside. He reminded me of Ramonce Taylor....
  4. nashhorn

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  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I did like Tom's basic response.....next! However that response only works if the offense gets better next year.
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  6. ProdigalHorn

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    He actually reminded me a little more of Jamal Charles (although that's still not quite right) - he's got more shiftiness than I think Taylor had. Taylor always struck me as a slasher. He actually struck me as a similar guy to DJ Monroe (had Monroe been allowed to touch the ball more than 10 times in a season.)
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  7. bck031

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  8. bystander

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    Wasn't he suspended for a half of one game. I recall wondering why he wasn't back there fielding punts the game after his touchdown return. But I know he also made some poor decisions on fielding punts inside the ten. Maybe they were "coaching him too hard" and he just didn't like the criticism.
  9. dukesteer

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    This one just defies logic. I recall TH praising RHM for his “love of the game.” Talking about the fact that he always had a smile on his face.

    I hope we eventually learn what happened. It’s a troubling loss.
  10. Htown77

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    If we start Ehlinger, does it matter whether or not we have receivers?
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  11. Garmel

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    I'm sure Ehlinger will improve as a sophomore. I hope so anyway.
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  12. ProdigalHorn

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    At the risk of derailing this thread, if Ehlinger hasn't improved from last year, we'll have another freshman QB taking snaps by mid-season.
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  13. X Misn Tx

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    "Personal reasons" are real sometimes. Seemed like coach disagreed with the decision but wished him well.
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  14. dukesteer

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    Htown, I’ve been brutally critical of Ehlinger so it’s hard to disagree with your comment. My question is, if I were coaching this team, would I have the nerve to give him the reigns again? My answer is, perhaps. I’m going to put the breakdowns against OU and OSU on the coaches. In both cases, if he was not concussed, he was certainly dazed and in both cases, they should have removed him from the game immediately. That leaves Tech, for which there is no explanation.

    The question is, can Ehlinger be managed? The kid is a miracle or a meltdown waiting to happen. Some players evolve, some don’t. I thought Carson Palmer was a bust until his last year, when he won the Heisman.

    With better coaching and more help in front of him, perhaps we could see a better and more reliable player this year.

    I’ll say this, with Buechele in the wings and two talented freshmen on the sideline, if TH does start Sam, he should be on a very short leash.
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  15. Crockett

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    I agree Sam should be on a short leash. But I'm expecting him to be much better in 2018. In his signing day press conference, Herman predicted that for the freshmen who started last year, the game will "slow down" and they will have better field vision, situational awareness and make better decisions. I think he was specifically addressing the issues with Sam. He also bragged on Kerstetter as a 17-year old battling his tail off against grown men. Another class like this and we'll be able to use freshmen in limited roles ... unless they are more talented than any true freshmen we used in 2017.
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  16. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap 250+ Posts

    Wonder if another team with an offense that he likes better is meddling. There are teams guilty of such and one comes to mind.
    Strange situation. You would think that if he had a personal reason to go home that he would get out front with that.
    If he does not want to be a team guy, better off without him.
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  17. moondog_LFZ

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    If I recall correctly, Herman said something to the effect of he hoped he finds what he's looking for. Seemed kinda pissed.
    I think he may have elaborated or at least seemed a little softer about it if it was "personal reasons".
    I think RHM was unhappy for some reason.
  18. mchammer

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    Some people can’t be pleased. We will never know.
  19. X Misn Tx

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    He was definitely conflicted. You can't know what's "pissed at" and what's "frustrated about" and what's "what a no win situation."
  20. Pomspoms

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    Yeah, without knowing everything, he should have stayed even if he was not happy with the offensive scheme because the scheme can easily change or be tweaked year after year. So you work thru it with a good attitude...looks better to the scouts. And who knows he may get a lot more opportunities to show his stuff. But maybe he is somewhat narcissistic. So he feels under appreciated. But Then there's the combines with the opportunity to shine if he desires to enter into the draft. He just needs to keep his eyes on the prize. But i guess he's gone. We definitely have other talent.
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  21. Crockett

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    It's not always easy to be 19-20 years old. Stress about academics, dealing with women, away from family. There can be a lot of pain and there is always hope that changing one thing will ease the stress.
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  22. ProdigalHorn

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    So not knowing everything didn't keep you from assuming you did?
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  23. ViperHorn

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    A life long issue.
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  24. Joe Fan

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    Here is the OB version -- I think this is Anwar

    The main reason Hemphill-Mapps left is because he was not connected to the members of this staff. Hemphill-Mapps was recruited by former coach Charlie Strong, with whom he has a strong relationship. He decommitted from Texas before eventually signing a scholarship because of the close relationship he developed with Strong. In fact, Hemphill-Mapps was one of the players who voiced their displeasure after Strong was fired.

    Hemphill-Mapps was among the players who resisted buying in with the new staff prior to last season. Through time, Hemphill-Mapps became compliant and did what it took to get on the field, but was never 100-percent happy with the staff, his sporadic playing time, and he was eventually suspended for non-football reasons and missed parts of multiple games. Prior to the bowl game, I heard Hemphill-Mapps was one of the players who might transfer after this season.

    A few weeks ago, I was told Hemphill-Mapps might want to remain at Texas this year, but his attitude quickly changed back to unhappiness.

    From what I was told, Texas did not let Hemphill-Mapps leave without a fight. Several members of the football staff tried convincing Hemphill-Mapps to stay on several occasions. Not only did the staff attempt to convince Hemphill-Mapps to stay on the phone, but there were home visits, too. As hard as the staff tried, Hemphill-Mapps was unwilling to remain at Texas.

    That being said, I get the feeling everyone associated with the program is ready to move on.

    One person told me, “Everyone is needed, but nobody is necessary” when asked about Hemphill-Mapps' decision to leave.
  25. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Sounds like he should have left with Strong. He was productive, but if he was a malcontent in the locker room, he needed to move on. You don't want one mistake causing further mistakes.
  26. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap 250+ Posts

    Creating discontent and relationship problems can be a method of justifying a departure that is actually for a totally different reason; like wanting to be somewhere else. So the question is, are there limitations on where he can go and can he play next year at the D-1 level?

    The team was better off with him as a motivated contributor. But with an attitude, they are better off without him.
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  27. rick mueller

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    Good luck young man, but I hope you understand that where ever you go, there you are. Starting over some where else is frequently not the answer. Thanks for your time on the 40.
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  28. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    Sounds to me like he tried to make it work. And if he was some kind of malcontent it was not evident from his play on the field or anything seen or said publicly about the kid. I don't see any reason to believe he was some kind of cancer to be rid of.

    But I do think he is making a mistake. Watching UT in the CFP Play-offs in the near future is going to be hard.

    Wish him the best wherever he lands tho.
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  29. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 500+ Posts

    That's right
  30. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    I would have agreed with you until I heard Herman's "next man up" comment, which I found inappropriate and bordering on classless. I expected better from the Head Football Coach at The University of Texas.

    The question from the cretin reporter was beyond being a dumbass, and I wish Herman had ignored it as being "not the place or time". Herman's comment screamed at me that Herman was clearly pissed off at the kid, and his future on The Forty Acres would be less than anyone anticipated.

    I appreciate his contributions and hope he has a great career at another P5.

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