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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by whoop1012, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Hey, he may be right... Cowboys fans are the same....laid back and need something to happen to get them fired up....
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    The effort that Melton put forth as a running back was a lot weaker than the effort of the fans as he describes, which is why he got kicked out of that position. He was a failure as a running back, and the fact that the coaches stuck with him on offense as long as they did is more proof that Greg Davis has never known what he's doing.
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    I’m sure we have some posters here hating on Henry for pointing out the obvious. So many spoiled asses on this board and in our stadium. One of the great things about football is that a crowd can actually affect the outcome of a game. But generally speaking, we suck at it. Go to the stadium, yell your ******* guts out.
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    What did Henry Melton ever give us to cheer about?
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    Good for Henry. Truth from someone who cares for UT.
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    It has always been a country club atmosphere here at games. Whoever doesnt think so needs to travel around and you will see
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    Ugh, this thread is the epitome of texags for longhorns. Face it, Texas fans are some of the worst. The best trait that our fans, as a unit, is that we're much less terrorizing as most. There are no batteries or tortillas being thrown around. We're no K-state, Mizzou, or Colorado fans (especially the latter). If we could only have the heart that these fanbases have, that we'd be spot-on. And don't rant and whine about our team sucking so why should we even cheer. We're terrible fans when we go to the damned national championship game or when we're bottom-feeders.

    This thread is case in point. Half the posters are mocking our own blood. Give the man a break, he mentioned a valid point, even if he was lazy in typing it out. The man has more pride this longhorn team and the school than most on these boards are showing right now.
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    Somebody's signature line tells the truth. "The fans who yell the loudest are sitting in the cheap seats." Ain't no cheap seats to Longhorns games Working class folks can take a weeklong vacation for what it costs to get tickets to the Longhorns game and spend the night in Austin.
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    Wow Texas fans suck? This is new information.

    We have been told how bad and horrible and generally disgusting people we are for decades and probably somebody noted that when Texas played the Dallas Football Club in 1892. Yet somehow we still show up to the games and travel with the team and attend bowl games and watch them play. Pretty good for the worst fans in the universe.
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    l00p, something tells me there are 2 or 3 folks who didn't quite follow that line of your post. Recalibration of sarcasm meters may be in order.
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    Why would I care about someone who was 260 f'ng pounds and would not run over a corner back to get into the end zone at Ohio State?
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    It is general knowledge that Texas doesn't have the most raucous and rowdy game day environment in the country. We have been labeled a "Wine and Cheese" type of crowd much like the Cowboy's fans. Yet, we still manage to pack DKR game after game and travel well to all the road and bowl games. So while we may not have the "best" fans or environment, I don't think it sucks.

    Joe2005 also hit the nail on the head. Lubbock, Stillwater, and Columbia will all be electric when a highly ranked Texas team comes to town for a national prime time telecast. However, that environment will be much more sedate when Baylor or Iowa State comes a calling for a 11:30 AM kickoff. DKR is no different.
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    I hate Twitter for reasons like this. You never know who posts, most of the time the poster sounds like he/she is illiterate, and they are, for the most part, unreliable. Yet, people still give them credibility.
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    What's most telling in this whole thread is how defensive some of the fans are getting. That attitude indicates that there is a certain level of truth to what he's saying, imo.
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    When I went to school here in the late 80's/early 90's the fans were abysmal. They showed up in the middle or end of the first quarter and left early. Nobody wore orange.

    It was so obvious that Mack put it on all the T-shirts... Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late, Wear Orange. 4 simple rules and it made us 100% better.

    That being said we are NOT the greatest fans nor are we the worst. We come in large numbers but aren't the loudest. We CAN be VERY LOUD but it is not the norm.

    I agree that Henry didn't see the Baylor crowd when they played Texas State. I doubt very much that the Kansas crowd was up when they played Sam Houston State. Texas ALWAYS gets the other teams best crowd. In this aspect I think his opinion is skewed but we do have a lot of room for improvement.

    Oh, sorry. Yes I will sit down and be quiet. Didn't mean to bother you while you watched the game.
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    I think this is the real problem.

    List of Big 12 cities with nothing to do but watch football:
    Lubbock, TX
    Waco, TX
    College Station, TX
    Norman, OK
    Stillwater, OK
    Boulder, CO
    Lincoln, NE
    Ames, IA
    Columbia, MO
    Manhattan, KS
    Lawrence, KS

    List of Big 12 cities with a million fun things to do:
    Austin, TX

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