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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LousianaHorn, Aug 3, 2021.

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    If you haven't been to The Doak, prepare for disappointment. Fans are really nice but so lame. They fit in with State Penn & Colorado as the most clueless fans in the country.

    Gameday experience? Leaves a lot to be desired.

    I left hotel early in the morning to scope out parking places. Kid was setting up credit union parking lot across from stadium. I asked if that would be public parking. He replied, "Yes, sir, but it's really expensive. You may want to park at the convention center and ride the bus over; that's only a dollar" When I asked how much he was charging, he replied "$5". I handed him a $20 bill and asked if he'd hold me a spot. When he said he didn't have any change, I told him he had never been to Texas/OU, and there was no change expected. I got the place at the exit onto the street in front of Doak.
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    Tell me that was back in, like, 1970. Please.
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    MID 90s
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    And being asked for an extra $10 after the game if you linger too long at the Fair to watch the car.
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    Parked the same place for OU, SMU, and the Cotton Bowl for years, then Joe sold the property. He introduced me to new owners who let me continue for 5-10 years. Then moved up Exposition a block.

    My biggest ***** is that damn train keeps you from going straight across Parry and into the Fair.
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    ESPNUpdate is a radio station serving the Spartanburg-Greenville,SC area. Just one more throw it against the wall so if it sticks they can say they had it first.
    At least 30 years I watched Paul Newman interviewed by Larry King. He was asked why he did so few interviews. His reply was basically:
    Reporter: Do you beat your wife?
    Newman: No I don't beat my wife!
    Headline: Newman denies beating wife.
    You can spin damn near anything
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