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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by anteater1973, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. anteater1973

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    Just finished watching a replay on LHN. Herman can be a real jerk when he wants to be as he proved when asked questions about offensive play calling responsibilities. Based on last year's dismal effort in this area, including the total misuse of Warren in short yardage situations, these are legitimate questions yet he treats the asker(s) like they are idiots. Just another example of his lack of maturity in some instances imho.
  2. everette

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    I don't think he answered the question treating the questioner like an idiot; rather like someone trying to sew discord on the coaching staff/team. What answer did he expect to receive? There's no way the question satisfactorily.

    "Going forward, I will do all the play calling since I can't trust the OC."
    "The OC will continue to do the play calling until he gets it right."
    "From now on, we will have alternating OLs calling the plays. The one whose biorhythms are most in sync and will get the nod."
  3. anteater1973

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    Or he could say "I'm going to call the plays." "Tim Beck is going to call the plays." "Ehlinger is going to call his own plays." His answer was basically that plays will be called by committee which can only lead to chaos and multiple delay of game calls. (Which we had plenty of last year anyway)
  4. Austin_Bill

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    If it was my job and someone asked me a stupid question, I would be just as rude. He is forced by contract to give these press conferences, he isn't forced to be nice.

    All I care about is he does his job, if the play calling sucks and he is fired, then it's on him. If he is winning then screw it, I'm all in.

    Every play is designed to succeed, it's those pesky defenses that screw them up. What is important is we have the guys that can run the offense, and last year we didn't, we didn't have the offensive line to run any offense. Frankly we were totally screwed, and we will be again this year if we have the same number of injuries.

    Lets quit worrying about the play calling until we can see what we have with a healthy offense.
  5. Austin_Bill

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    One other thing, Chris Warren sucked at Texas. He was fat and slow and looked like he was running in slow motion all the time. Herman was right in making him a Tight end.

    The difference between Warren last year and this year is he now looks like he cares about his career. He sure didn't look like he did last year.
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  6. ViperHorn

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    Herman is arrogant, and that will be ok when he has won something at Texas.
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  7. Austin_Bill

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    I think he is tough, tough on players and tough on the press. It can come across as arrogant, but being the head of one of the most storied programs in college football along with being given the responsibility of trying to resurrect it, is a huge task.

    Right now, the press is looking for anything they can turn into a story, he is not going to give it to them. I think he is doing exactly what he should be doing, and in a way that is sending a clear message.
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  8. anteater1973

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    Agree with your comment re offensive line. Don't understand the rest. Nothing can happen and we won't know anything until a play is called. Having a play calling scheme that utilizes whatever personnel we do have to it best advantage is the only way we can succeed. Unless our talent is so far superior to the opposition that any play will work.
  9. Badass

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    Arrogant or Confident? I’m all in, very confident as am I. Pass the HF moonshine, it’s more fun that way
  10. ViperHorn

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    Until he accomplishes something it is arrogance.
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  11. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    I might get bored after a while, but I'd take that scenario right now!
  12. mchammer

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    Seems like the coaching staff is more focused this fall camp than last year. Hope it shows tomorrow
  13. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The Belichick and Saban schtick only works if you win like them. Otherwise you're just an overpaid a$$hole.
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