Herman’s post-game presser

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Dionysus, Sep 16, 2018.

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  2. mb227

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    Was not happy at all about his reason for not putting Shane in at the end...that whole nonsense about being 'cold' just smacks of transfer papers that are signed and ready to submit...

    What in the hell does MensaBoy think is going to happen if he has to bring in a replacement due to emergency?
  3. zuckercanyon

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    Sam fan here (don't want to mislead anyone), but I think if Shane is the backup then he's the backup and no one else would come in the game. NOW, the difference in this backup situation versus what we normally would have is the idea that the backup needs snaps in game situations (Garrett Gilbert behind Coly McCoy) but, in this case, the backup was a starter for a full season and played in games last year, so the backup is ready when needed and doesn't need snaps as badly as someone with zero experience. How does that sound? Am I totally out of my mind?
  4. mb227

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    Yes. You have ZERO reason to keep your healthy quarterback in the game when up by three scores just because the other guy(s) might be cold. It is the height of stupidity for MensaBoy to pull out OTHER starters while leaving arguably the MOST critical of starters in to risk season-ending injury with conference play lurking the following week.

    This just shows more evidence that MensaBoy is NOT prepared to properly manage a staff at this level of play...after all, it appears that he used Postma in garbage time on a few occasions in that last season at Cougar High. Ditto with Schulz the previous year.

    The comments in the post-game simply tell Shane that 1) MensaBoy has ZERO trust in Shane and that 2) Shane simply has no chance of seeing the field
  5. #2is#1

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    No. You are spot on. A backup that has a year of starts under his belt that got beat out does not need mop up time.
    I submit it would almost be embarrassing for Shane to go in and hand off while milking the play clock. For the record I would have put Shane in to start the 2nd half. As history shows it would have been the wrong move. Sam played well, and we won big.
  6. zuckercanyon

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    MB, much respect for your post....I'll add another wrinkle.....Shane playing in mop up time does nothing for the team chemistry, but could very well hurt it. Right now Sam is the starter, period, no question, that's who we're rallying behind....Shane starts seeing the field even in mop up duty, there's going to be fans saying "finally", big cheers for Shane, then boos for Sam and calls for Shane when Sam errs. Shane is a seasoned player, knows game situations, etc. When/if Sam goes down, Shane puts on his helmet and does what backups are supposed to do...be ready if starter goes down, come in, win the game. If Sam is sooo valuable, I question anyone in the Shane camp saying "don't get our best qb hurt".....Shane fans should be happy. Sam plays EVERY DOWN, meaning he could go down at anytime....THEN Shane will come in and (hopefully) save the day, proving all along he was the better qb, etc etc ad nauseum ergo propter hoc.....
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