Herman’s post-OSU presser

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Dionysus, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Dionysus

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    Not a well coached game.

    True words and glad he started with that point,
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  3. Garmel

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    I'm hoping Sterns doesn't have an ACL/MCL type of injury.
  4. mchammer

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  5. zinger

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    Glad he took responsibility for the late fumbled punt fiasco. Remember when situations similar to that one meant not putting anyone back for the punt.
  6. nashhorn

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    I’m glad he took responsibility for the idiotic call on the 4th down play. Before Sam ran it I told wife “five bucks says Sam is keeping”, it was so d**** obvious that it wasn’t going to be a pass! Naturally if I saw it coming so did Okie Lite.
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  7. wadster

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    7 in the box with 5 blockers. Gotta call TO and change the formation at that point. These slow developing plays aren't going to work anymore. Saw the same thing with the Bell Dozer. Worked for awhile until teams knew it was coming every single time. Then teams figured out how to defense it by overloading the box. It's not that complicated.
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  8. Garmel

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    Caden Sterns hurt his knee and will have an MRI done on it. The pain he was in is worrisome.
  9. nashhorn

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    I watched him on the sidelines and all the way to the MED tent he never stood up straight.
  10. Garmel

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    Between the bye and the fact that we probably don't need him against WVU, Sterns has three weeks to get well for Oklahoma. Let's hope it's not a season-ender. :hookem:
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  11. Chop

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    Sounds almost like the opposite of “We just have to play better.”
  12. MajesticII

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    I'm just glad our DC doesn't just wobble his head and say," We gonna be physical."
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  13. ViperHorn

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    Herman admitted it was a binder call.
  14. I35

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    I’m right up front (45 yard line) behind where Sam sits during the game. I actually heard Coach Herman tell Sam and the WRs who sit next to Sam after the failed 4th down play that “the call was on him” and that “was his mistake”.
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  15. wadster

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    Until it gets stopped if you need 3 yds, Duverney is your man. 1-1 guys not going to get stopped often for 3 yds.
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  16. X Misn Tx

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    I'm not a fan of passing on 4th and short. Keep a back in, bring a receiver across in motion and make the play a jet sweep, or zone read. Do NOT go empty backfield and run it AGAIN
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  17. ViperHorn

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    Of course if you run some plays from under center, you just line up with a DT as a fullback and run a sneak.
  18. jayakris

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    To be more precise, he said the decision was based on the binder but that it was a bad call. Meaning, the decision to go for it was right, but he simply called a bad play.
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  19. AC

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    The naked bootleg would have worked on that 4th down call. Probably need 5/6 scripted 4th down plays for every game. We really need some good ones for OU.
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  20. Statalyzer

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    I'm not either, but on that particular play, they were so obviously keyed all-out to stop the run that either an audible into a pass, an audible into a fake handoff left and bootleg right, or a timeout, all would have made more sense than what we did.
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  21. SabreHorn

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    Perish the thought. There Viper goes again using common sense. Let me assure you that neither common sense nor a sneak is in the binder nor are they discussed at MENSA meetings.

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  22. Texanne

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    It still baffles me that we apparently don’t have a short-yardage package with Sam under center.
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  23. EasternHorn

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    While I am not going to disagree with that, I will point out that two of the greatest plays in Texas football history were passing plays on 4th and short - "69 Arkansas and '96 Nebraska.
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  24. Run Pincher

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    I'm for passing on 4th & short when the box is stacked and we have an accurate QB. I didn't like the 3rd and 1 call either. Empty backfield on 3rd and 1, even Stevie Wonder could see a QB keeper was coming.
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  25. horninchicago

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    Yes, have someone to block the ends, snap to Sam, fake the keeper, stop, take a step back and hit Duvernay for a big gainer. Simple
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  26. #2is#1

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    Nice. Thanks Dion!
    I really appreciate his candor, and self awareness.
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  27. MajesticII

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    Herman said we do have that, but it is for "3rd/4th and inches"....If we need more than that "we do what we do and we aren't changing." the guy is stubborn to a fault and that fault will cost us numerous titles, kinda like Mack did with his playing guys ahead of better players due to seniority. ( Just one example: losing to OU before FINALLY letting Ced Benson start )
    Herman's narrow-minded thinking, or whatever you call it,resulted in two muff punt turnovers when we shouldn't have had anyone near the ball. those came ever so close to costing us the OSU game... if not for Sam saving the day. I love his thinking of fielding punts, and not letting the punt roll for 20 yards, but there is a time and place for everything; and you gotta coach your kids to understand situations every minute of the game. Its called take a timeout if necessary to make sure they know WTH to do..Never assume a Senior knows better.........COACHING 101.
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  28. X Misn Tx

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    but it should be pointed out, they were shocking plays that they passed. THAT was the beauty
  29. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Doesn't make sense to me, but it is his job on the line.

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